RV Mod – Garbage cupboard to pantry…

I LOVE an rv mod!!! ¬†Oftentimes, that means that I love to have Vaughn and the boys remodel the rv for me. ūüėČ ¬† But, I really stink at taking before pics, because I am a jump in and start ripping it apart the minute I think of it kind of person! ¬†So, I don’t have any before pics, but this cupboard at the end of our kitchen counter was (from the factory) a slide out garbage. ¬†It was very sturdy, but it was also a pain. ¬†The factory must have made it themselves, and it was a bit of a hack job, with (basically) an upside down drawer put on sliders, with a hole jigsawed in it and a plastic garbage can dropped in it. ¬†Because the garbage can was just set on a flat surface, it was difficult to get your fingers under the lip of the garbage to lift the full bag out, and because this end of the cupboard is inset more under the countertop, there wasn’t really room enough to pull the full garbage bag out without ripping it. ¬†It was an all around pain, and for our fam of 10+, who has to change out the garbage often, it was an irritation. ¬†So, one day last week I’d just had enough.

We pulled the garbage setup out by unhooking the sliding mechanisms, removed the door, and unscrewed the bottom slider from the cupboard.  We started to remove the top ones until I realized that the bottom part, under the garbage can, would make a great sliding drawer!  We moved the drawer to the top set of the sliders.
We took out our built in kitchen garbage can and turned the cupboard into a small pantry. | ourtravelingtribe.com
We did have to adjust one set of sliders up by about half an inch, which would explain why the garbage never slid very well. ¬†I had initially planned on installing more wire shelving in this new little pantry, but with the sliding drawer, I didn’t have to! ¬†If I decide that I want more shelving/drawers in there later, we can add a shelf in there, or Vaughn can easily make another drawer like this one to mount with the other set of sliders that we took out of here.Modifying our RV kitchen. | ourtravelingtribe.com

When it came to moving the cupboard pull over to be a handle, and to install the cupboard door back on, this time with hinges, Vaughn took over! ¬†He took the pull off, turned it verticle, and lined it up to match the handles on the cupboards next to it, and he installed heavy duty hinges on the cupboard. ¬†I chose for it to open into the kitchen, tho it was a toss-up since I’m mostly storing snack items in there…

Vaughn moving the handle on the rv cupboard. ourtravelingtribe.com

Next he filled the old handle holes with putty.
I am loving my new pantry!

A much more efficient use of this rv cupboard. ourtravelingtribe.com

This countertop has an oval shaped end that extends out past the cupboard. ¬†It was the perfect spot for an easy to reach, easy to change bags, easy to clean, simplehuman garbage can¬†(we chose a brown one to match our interior, ¬†and if you get the right size, you don’t have to buy their special can liners ūüėČ )…
*and yes, it’s dusty – if you could see the mod that is going on at the other end of this room you would see why! So exciting!!! lol. ¬†¬†Our finished pantry and new garbage can in the rv.  ourtravelingtribe.com

I’m loving the new space that freeing up this cupboard gave me, the littles are loving being able to access snacks easier, and the boys are loving (well, liking anyway) that the garbage is much easier to take out now!

Sometimes it’s the little things in life.


Lilla Rose

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  1. Awesome! And your trash can fits so well under the cabinet.

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