Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Las Vegas, NV…

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, just west of Las Vegas, NV, is a beautiful and relaxing place.  It is the perfect destination to spend a day or two!  With nearly 200,000 acres to explore, this conservation area is a popular destination for rock climbers, hikers, tourists, and sightseers.

Red Rock Canyon NCA outside of Las Vegas, is a great family stop! Nice visitor's center, Jr. Explorer program, scenic views, and hikes for all skill levels.

We have actually been to Red Rock before – it’s a fabulous place for hiking if you are visiting Las Vegas!  It’s not far from the city, easy access, and trails of all different difficulties.  We love the views, that it is so family friendly, and it’s cheap (well, truth!).

The conservation area has a beautiful visitor’s center that includes exhibits highlighting the local animals.

DSC_0085_039e - Copy

The first thing that we did after entering the visitor’s center was to stop by the information desk where we picked up Jr. Explorers books.

The Jr. Explorer program at Red Rock isn’t officially part of the Jr. Ranger program that we love to collect badges with, but the kids don’t care- it’s another cool pin, and the booklets here were enjoyable (and in color – which makes them more appealing to the kids!).  They even got rad pencils here!

Red Rock Canyon has a great Jr. Explorer program!

We spent our first 20 minutes or so exploring the visitor’s center, going over the booklets so the kids would know what they needed to do,

Working on Jr. Explorer booklets at Red Rock Canyon

watching the chuckwalla lizard near the info desk, and checking out the view…

Visitor's center over look at Red Rock Canyon Nationa

There is also a great gift shop in the visitor’s center.  It features everything from toys and Ts to artwork and pottery, even bumper stickers (yay!) and scrapbook pages!

A small portion of Red Rock Canyon's fun and funky gift shop.

Next we toured the grounds behind the visitor’s center where there are some great exhibits!  This lizard was the kids”favorite…

Taking a ride at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

The kids had a Jr. Explorer bingo page to do in their booklets, and they were on the lookout for cute little statues scattered throughout the area.

Em’s “Do I really have to do this page???” look.   lol.

Emma "do I really have to do THIS page?" of her Jr Explorer book at Red Rock Canyon NCA.

Caleb was really into this one!  I initially did not get him a booklet, but the ladies at the desk asked if he would like to do it also, and offered him one.  He had a great time with it, and needed minimal help considering he’s 3.

Earning a new ranger badge at Red Rock Canyon Nat. Conservation Area near Las Vegas.

The outside viewpoints are themed after forces of nature – this is fire…

Visitor's Center at the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area near Las Vegas, NV.

The kids loved exploring the fun hands-on displays.

Enjoying the hand's on exhibits at the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area near Las Vegas, NV.

The littles helped each other find the statues that were more difficult to find so they could try for a bingo blackout.  The campgrounds really have them loving bingo, and you always end with blackout.

Working on their Jr. Ranger programs at the Red Rock Canyon NCA in Las Vegas.

Not sure what this one is about – turned around to find these two wrestling a desert tortoise. lol.  Can’t take this family out in public these days!!!

Can't believe I take this tribe out in public!

At the end of the outdoor displays, is a viewing island.  This is the view to the left of it, and where we would be spending most of our day…

View from the Red Rock Canyon Visitor's Center

The red rocks that the area is named after…

The rocks that the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is named after, near Las Vegas, NV.

We had the best time exploring with Greg (our oldest) along for the ride!   Tribe of 9 (and yes, he’s just as ornery as he always has been!).

Our Traveling Tribe during one of our visits to Red Rock Canyon.

After completing what they needed to in the visitor’s center for their Jr. Explorer booklets, we drove the loop trail drive past the red rocks and to the Willow Creek Picnic Area.   After lunch, Savanna (7) and everyone older took to the rocks.  They went over half-way up the hill before coming back down to go explore the cave we found when we were last here, a couple of years ago.

climbing the rocks at Red Rock Canyon.


Playing on the rocks at Red Rock Canyon.

Still the fun and easy going joker he always has been; love his sense of humor! We’ve had the best time traveling with him for 3 weeks.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area near Las Vegas, NV.

Greg has always been a gadget guy.  And he still is.  Every time we see him, he has some newfangled ‘toy’ that the kids latch onto, and suddenly think that we need.  This day was no different – Greg had picked this crazy-cool water bottle on his travels.  The Hydrapak Stash Water Bottle is made by Hydrapak, and it collapses down as it is emptied.  When it is completely empty, the rigid top and bottom parts screw together to keep it into the compact shape of the picture to the right.

The kids loved Greg's collapsible Hydrapak water bottle!

Greg showed the kids this collapsible water bottle, and now they all think they need one!





Perspective… (Vaughn, Molly, and Caleb are at the bottom, just above the bushes/trees, in the middle)

Discovering caves at Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas.

After playing around in the rocks, and doing the rope in the cave, we went for a walk up the wash.  Exploring a wash in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.The kids found a fossil…

The kids discovered a fossil while running around a wash at Red Rock Canyon NCA.

The day was overcast and a bit chilly, but perfect for playing aroundRed Rock Canyon NCA is a great place to let kids run and play on the huge rocks. and doing a short walk with the littles.

looking up a wash at Red Rock Canyon NCA.

Willow Creek Picnic Area is a great place to go explore Red Rock with a family!  It does not have the crowds that are constant over at the red rocks, there are picnic tables here, and you can just head out to explore any direction that you wish.
Caleb ready for a nap…

Hiking in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area near Las Vegas, NV.

I loved these bushes that we found in the wash!  The branches didn’t have the usual bark, and the outside had this smooth patina layering.  It was the most beautiful shiny, rusty color.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

At the end of the day, as we were loading up, this grey desert fox ran around in the picnic area, and right in front of our van.

A fox in one of the hiking areas at Red Rock Canyon.

Red Rock is not technically part of the National Park Service, but as BLM, it is part of the Department of the Interior, and your NPS America the Beautiful, Senior, or Access passes will get you into the park free.  Without a pass, entrance into the park is $7/vehicle.

There is a nearby federal campground for out of the city camping, but we didn’t stay there or collect the info on it (we always stay at the Clark County Shooting Range when we are in LV since that is why we go there, and it is out of town).

We really enjoy visiting Red Rock; it is beautiful, peaceful, and relaxing.  You can find out more about it on their RedRockCanyonLV site.

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