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ourtravelingtribe.comDid you know that there is a creation museum right outside of San Diego?!?!   The Creation & Earth History Museum is located in Santee, California.

We spent 2 weeks at an RV resort near San Diego, so we decided to check it out (along with a few other must-visit San Diego destinations).


The Creation & Earth History Museum was a great stop for our roadschooling family!the dino statue in front of the Creation & Earth museum in CAWe weren’t sure what to expect, and were pleasantly surprised to find a small, but well done museum that was clean, family friendly, and fun!

Throughout the museum are QR codes (quick response codes) that you can scan with your phone to find out more about the exhibits and displays.  There are also hand-outs that you can take along with you if you don’t do QR codes.
Entering the Creation and Earth History Museum near San Diego, CA

The museum walks you through creation, in chronological order, beginning with Day 1; there was a concise overview of each day, including interactive displays as well as printed information.

One of the kids’ favorite areas was Day 6:

And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind: and it was so.
~Genesis 1:24

They loved the creepy crawler room part of Day 6!  There were several different activities for the kids to do in this area, and one of them was to look at big insects with a magnifying glass.
Caleb loved it.
Molly – not so much.  😉

Molly doesn't like insects!

The butterfly activity was more to her liking…

Learning about bugs at the Creation & History Museum in Santee, CA.

And we all thought that the butterfly wall was cool…

A wall of butterflies and other insects and creatures at a creation museum near San Diego.

but the real draw to the room, was this insect table.  In it were plastic insects with magnets on the bottom of them.  Underneath the table were magnets that you could use to drag the insects around from below.

The kids loved the magnetic bug table at the Creation & Science Museum in Santee, CA.

I did notice that when we left the room, the insects in the table were all posed in the clutches of the plastic scorpions that also shared the table.
morbid kids.

In the Worldwide Flood room, the kids found out how much work it would have been to just attach 2 pieces of wood together without the benefit of screw guns; wooden pegs could be pounded into a bench.(yes, we had to drag Caleb away from that one!)
We also found out that Thomas’ arm is the same length of the typical man’s arm – 18 inches.  Now, if we need to measure anything in cubits, we will know who is the perfect fit for the job!

Learning about measuring by the 'cubit'.

Having been to the Grand Canyon already, we always enjoy those displays that show that the Grand Canyon could not have been carved by erosion.

Display at the Creation & Earth History Museum in Santee, CA.

The museum was a nice mixture of hands-on displays and reading/visual exhibits.  Hands on activity at the creation museum near San Diego.I would say that it fits ages 4-6 and up the best, tho Caleb was good through it (just always anxious to move on to the next area before the rest of us were!).

Room at the creation museum near San Diego, CA.

The kids called this the Frozen room.  I guess that would seem a logical conclusion for the Ice Age hallway…

The Ice Age exhibit at the Creation & Earth History Museum in California.

The museum progressed through ancient civilizations and through the hall of scientists.

The Creation & Earth History Museum in San Diego.

And the museum culminates in the Human Anatomy Exhibit.
This would be an incredible field trip when you are studying health and the human body in your homeschooling/roadschooling!

Great homeschooling health display at the Creation & Earth History Museum near San Diego!

The kids really enjoyed the anatomy cut-aways…

The Creation & Earth Museum in CA has an extensive health exhibit.

They had buttons underneath the exhibit that, when pressed, would light up that area of that part of the body…

The Creation & Earth History Museum has a great health display!

There were several other hands-on areas, and each area had a display with an overview of that part of the body.

Part of the extensive health exhibit at the Creation & Earth History Museum in CA.

The museum also has a great bookstore, with homeschool materials, christian/creation books, toys/games/puzzles, and dvds.

part of the bookstore in the Creation & Earth History Museum in Santee, CA

At the back of the bookstore is the Tabernacle.  The Tabernacle is an area that is set up to show and explain each area of an Old Testament tabernacle, it’s purpose and significance.  We suggest that you save the tabernacle until last (or at least the end of the regular part of the museum but before the health/body section).
The Tabernacle is a 30 minute, film-led tour of the 3 areas of the tabernacle (Holy of Holies and the veil, the inner court, and the outer court areas), and shows at 10am, 12, 2, and 4pm.  The room darkens, and each area is lit up while it is being talked about (sit in the middle so you can see all 3 clearly).

The tour is very family friendly – we loved how it explained each area, it’s significance, and what happened there and why.
This was one of our favorite parts of the museum, and several of the kids remarked about learning ‘whatever’ new about the tabernacles/sacrificing.

The Tabernacle Exhibit at the Creation & History Museum in Santee, CA.

This was our first visit to the CEHM, and we weren’t sure what it would be like.  I don’t know about you, but I usually like to have a little bit of an idea of what a destination will be like, and what to expect, especially when visiting with littles!
So, along those lines, here are a few facts and tips to help you plan your visit to the Creation & Earth History Museum:

~Guided tours are available on Fridays and Saturdays.
Every first Tuesday is a free day while we usually avoid free days due to crowds, in this case, that day just worked out best for us anyway.  We were pleasantly surprised that, while we met some other families, the traffic was still very manageable.

~Save a minimum of 2 hours for the museum; longer if you don’t have littles dragging you along! If we had been there with just the bigs, we could have spent at least 4 hours checking out the displays.

~Molly said to be sure to tell everyone that they have the nicest bathrooms ever!  (and they do!).  They even have a separate family restroom which is extra convenient if you are heading there with littles.
Hey, we live in an RV – we appreciate nice, clean, real bathrooms.  😉

~No food is allowed in the museum; bottled water is ok.  The museum is stroller friendly, yet littles will feel comfortable getting out and walking it too.

~The museum provides light-weight portable chairs that you can take through the museum with you if you would like to take your time exploring the exhibits.

~The first Saturday of every month, the CEHM offers ‘Kids Club Creation Workshops’ at 10am.  The cost is $5 for non-members; admission fees to the museum for the day, for the student, are included in the fee.  You can find out more details by calling the museum.

~The museum offers kids a scavenger hunt to do during their visit to the museum, with paid admission.

The parking lot is not big rig friendly – large vans and trucks, yes, rvs, no. There is on-street parking available (no meters).

Creation & Earth History Museum in Santee, CA.
Creation & Earth History Museum near San Diego, CAThe Creation & Earth History Museum in Santee, California was a hit with our family; we really enjoyed our visit!  It was concise, yet interesting, and was a great overview of creation history for all of us.

If you would like to learn more about the Creation & Earth History Museum, you can visit their website at

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