trekking west to the Oregon coast…

After our camping-in-the-cold-but-marvelously-wonderful trip to southwest Montana (well, marvelous except that our furnace quit the last couple of nights we were there and we pretty much froze)… it was time to head west!  Getting out of dodge for the winter!
Due to a late start (because that is how we roll), and some tasks to finish up in Montana, we were planning on spending the night in Missoula; once we got there, we found out their city ordinance prohibits overnight parking in both Walmart and Cracker Barrel, so we did our shopping and hit the road again.  We didn’t really know where to stay so close to home, so we messaged some friends of ours.  Even tho they live just a few hours away from us, we had met 2 years ago in Florida while their family was fulltime RVing also!  When they heard we were coming through town, they didn’t give us any recommendations on where to overnight; they invited us to park in their driveway take over their cul-de-sac.  And we took them up on the offer!

We had a great time invading their house and keeping them up way too late visiting.  The next day we took them up on their offer of ‘hot water that lasts a really long time’ showers (ahhh!).
We celebrated Jake’s SEVENTEENTH birthday while we were there… (still can’t believe it!)


And just had an all-around sweet time of fellowship with this great family!  Just like in Florida, my boys can hang out with theirs anytime.


We pulled out late that next day, and started putting on the miles!

We were pretty excited to see the Columbia River!  Familiar territory, and we were pretty stoked to be back after 3 years!

driving next to the Columbia River, in western Oregon

After peeling off the interstate at Portland, we took a highway through Tillamook, and out to the coast.


Where we got our first glimpse of the ocean!

view of the Pacific Ocean, northwestern Oregon

Our campground was within easy walking distance from the beach, and we were excited to be there for 2 weeks!  We had a lot of crabbing and clamming to catch up on!
And now that we’ve been on the road for over 5 years, it’s almost like we have a whole new crowd to show our fav haunts to!  The little girls were so young when we started out and were here the first year, that they don’t remember it, so for them it’s like being here for the first time!
girls with the red rock crab they caught.

Dad and the boys quickly slid our big rig into one of the few full hookup sites left;I’ve learned that I can pick whatever site I want, and he can make it work – we could squeeze both vehicles in front of the 5er, but you had to get in the doors that were on the inside as the fit was so tight! lol.  Then the bigs went to find somewhere to crab and clam and fish; they’d been looking forward to this all summer!
The littles and I straightened up the rv – we’d been camping for a week and a half, then a couple of nights of boondocking…it was awfully nice to be plugged in again, and have water and sewer (things we take for granted in a house! lol.).

Since we’d ‘done’ Oregon in the fall before, this trip we came a little more prepared than that first year!  Rain jackets and mud boots for everyone!

walking through the rain

…And boy did we put them to good use!  We didn’t let a little rain stop us! (or a lot for that matter!)
While the bigs were out exploring the area, Molly, Caleb, and I, explored the campground.

kids walking in the rain

Later we took a little walk and followed the path that leads down to the beach.  Molly found a snail on the way.  They don’t make snails this big back in Montana!

girl with a snail she found on the beach

Down at the beach, we were really glad that we had worn rain boots!

view of the Pacific Ocean near Pacific City, OR

There are 2 big rocks that look like haystacks along the Oregon coast – the most widely recognized one is in Cannon Beach, but this one in Pacific City looks much the same (but slightly smaller)…

Pacific City's haystack rock, Oregon

Caleb has a thing for hoods right now, which was actually pretty handy in Pacific City because it seemed like it was always raining!

pacific ocean

Daniel came along on the walk with us…


He found some Bull Whip Kelp…

Not a bad view!  haystack rock near Pacific City, OR | OurTravelingTribe.comThe surf here seems like it is constantly raging!  We can hear the roar through the forest and back at the rv…

waves crashing against a rock in the Pacific Ocean

The guys found a place to crab, and out the rings went…

tossing crab pots off the bridge at Whalen Island, OR

We didn’t catch many crab during our stay this time, at least not many keepers…

catching crab near Pacific City, Oregon

Emma caught 2 flounder while we were there…

a flounder caught out of the Pacific Ocean, Oregon

Their first full day out – more making memories than filling the freezer going on here.  😉

flounder and crab caught out of the Pacific Ocean

They kept at it tho!  I think that they went out fishing or crabbing somewhere every single day of the 2 weeks that we were in Pacific City!

tossing crab pots off the Whalen Island bridge, OR

Jake pulling a pot…

crabbing off the Whalen Island bridge in Oregon

…no keepers this time…

checking one of the crab pots off the Oregon coast

It was pretty chilly the whole time we were here (well, it is mid-end October!).

Red Rock Crab…

red rock crab caught off of the Oregon coast.

The kids enjoyed catching smaller crabs that they found hiding under rocks (the bigger one Joel has is from a trap)…catching crabs of all sizes near Pacific City,ORThe littler kids liked to help the crabs make it back to the water.  The eventually put a board out and made them walk the plank!  I should have taken a picture. lol.

crabbing near Pacific City, OR

During low tide, they would go out on the flats and catch bait, and dig for clams…

digging for clams near Whalen Island, OR

During the rainiest of times, we would head to the lodge for some football viewing, and some room to spread out and play some board games…

playing a game in an RV park lodge  in Oregon

The lodge has a fun playroom for the littles downstairs, and also a pool table and a ping pong table.
Please tell me your kids (and hubby!) play ping-pong using Red Belly Rules?!?!?!

The kids played mini golf a few times while I did laundry…

kids playing mini golf

…there is a reason that Molly and Caleb were not playing with everyone else!  I’m pretty sure the others were a little intimidated by those flailing golf clubs!

kids playing mini golf


view of the northern Oregon coast

The guys also got in some salmon fishing.  Jake set the bar…


But then was out fished by his little brother…

kid with salmon he caught

So Jake fished like a crazy man until he caught a 25# salmon.  Only he caught this one where they were crabbing; the fish’s back top fin is not clipped, which means it’s a wild bred salmon, and he couldn’t keep it!  He took a quick pic and let it go.

catch and release salmon

Savanna was a crazy rabid clammer.

clamming during low tide

And her daddy even got up at 6:30 one morning to hit low tide with her even though she was the only one that wanted to go out that early –  he got up and took her anyway!  <3  clamming in OregonJoel ended up getting ready as they were walking out the door and went with, but he wasn’t very awake for awhile!

finding clams |

For all her enthusiasm (and muddy efforts), Peanut didn’t really keep very many clams…finding clams and catching crawfishmostly she fed the smaller ones (and crawfish she found) to the seagulls…

family clamming near in Sand Lake, OR

which would explain why they stalked her and fought over who got to be the closest to her!

The mighty fisherman was so disgusted over having to throw back his big salmon that he was done fishing.  He threw out a line here and there, but mostly crabbed and clammed after that disappointment. 😉

Not a bad view if you are going to be hanging around waiting for crab pots to soak!

Sand Lake, OR |


fishing for salmon near the Oregon coast

Molly… well, Molly was just there for the snacks.  She checked out the crabbing, and watched the clamming, and waded around in the shallow mud, but she’s not really into fishing yet.  Too much sitting still!

We saw the sun once.  One day.  It was lovely while it lasted.  And despite the rain and gloomy clouds, we had a great (albeit muddy) time at on the coast near Pacific City!

Sand Lake, OR during low tide

We pulled in in the rain, and we left in the rain.   On the way out of the campground, Jake had to climb on the toy hauler and walk a branch over the top so it wouldn’t scratch up the side…  These boys sure are handy to have along!   😉

walking a branch over the rv roof

One got one last glimpse of our crabbing spot as we drove past it on our way back to highway 101.ourtravelingtribe.comThen it was back on the road to our next stop!

rv driving in the rain

We’ll be spending some time in Salem, OR, and can’t wait to share why!  (if you want a hint, you can find some pics on our facebook page – The TicknorTribe).  😀

Lilla Rose

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  1. We sooooo need to do the Pacific northwest coast with you sometime. Meanwhile we will just enjoy it vicariously with you. <3 you all.

    • Awe Kent! We love you two too!!!
      And yes, we do need to do the PNW together – tho think of how fishy our RVs would smell with all of you rabid fishermen together. Oh, my. It makes me nervous just thinking about it! 😉

  2. Oh, Vickie! What a trip that would be with ALL of our kids (still at home) – can you imagine the chaos! <3 I love to follow your beautiful family,and it would be crazy fun to do it irl!!! 😀

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