The 45th Infantry Division Museum in Oklahoma City, OK…

One of the first places that we visited while we were in Oklahoma City, was the 45th Infantry Division Military Museum.DSC_0090_090e Located near all the fun stops in the Adventure District, the 45th is a free museum that is open Tues – Sun, and includes both indoor displays, and outdoor exhibits. DSC_0970_007eThe 45th IDM is supported by donations, and they also have a very nice gift shop.  Not big, but they had some unique items, and the boys LOVED it!
DSC_0977_014eThe museum is full of war related exhibits, especially from WWII.
DSC_0979_016e There were several older gentleman volunteering there the day that we visited, and they gave us great tours of some of the areas of the museum!DSC_0980_017eWe love to visit military museums. They are always such a great history lesson/review.  We learn something new at every one of them.
DSC_0985_022eThe museum houses one of the largest firearm collections in the country, dating from the revolution to Vietnam.


This one of old west pocket pistols reminded us how much our soldier overseas would enjoy visiting this place…DSC_0990_027eThere is a part of the museum set aside just for WWII vehicles and supplies…
DSC_0997_034e DSC_0999_036eAnd another for 45th Medal of Honor recipients…
DSC_1016_053e off of that room, was a chapel with this unique stained glass window in it,DSC_1020_057e and another room that showed some photographs and film reels from Nazi concentration camps.  The littles and I spent some time in there talking truth about what happened, and as we were coming out, one of the volunteers happened to come into the main room and warned me about the concentration camp room and littles.  I appreciated his concern, but think that it’s important for kids to understand that this really happened (what I deem as age appropriate for 4yo Molly is prob not what most people would consider 4yo appropriate).
I always want my kids to be against war, but more for justice and love.  Sometimes you have to kill to save.

The museum has an extensive Bill Mauldin cartoon collection.  Mr. Mauldin was a Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist who brought the war (WWII) home to the states by showing reality (sometimes) with a touch of humor.


Mr. Mauldin was such an acclaimed military cartoonist that between 1969 and 1998, Charles Schultz, who was also a WWII veteran, would often dedicate his Veteran’s Day cartoon strip to Mauldin – in fact, many of them show Snoopy, dressed as an Army vet, going to Mauldin’s home and visiting with him.  This is a signed original, by Schultz, given to Mauldin in 1980…
DSC_1022_059eThe museum was mostly behind glass displays, but there were a couple of hands-on items…DSC_1062_099e Caleb loves all the models at military museums.  He’s sure those ‘tank toys’ are just for him…if only he could get to them. lol.DSC_1071_108ecan you imagine?…
DSC_1074_111e Jeeps for Eli  😉DSC_1078_115e Outside are dozens of military vehicles…DSC_1083_120e but while we were there, the grounds were under construction, and the outside displays were off limits…DSC_1084_121eWe really enjoyed our visit to the 45th Infantry Division Museum in Oklahoma City!  It’s free (donations appreciated), open 6 days a week, conveniently located in the Adventure District, and is a great place to spend an hour or two exploring a different side of OKC.
It made for a great field trip for our tribe!

Lilla Rose

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