Boys night out with the OKC Barons…

We had such a great 2 weeks in Oklahoma City!  While things didn’t look quite like we planned in the volunteer realm, that down time gave us a chance to catch our breaths, and to spend time exploring OKC as a family instead of just mom and the littles (and middles…).  OKC is quite active when it comes to sporting events!  They are home to the NBA Thunder basketball team (who are wildly popular here!), and the triple-A affiliated OKC Redhawks baseball team.  OKC even has it’s own hockey team!  The OKC Barons hockey team is located downtown in the Cox Convention Center, right across the street from the Thunder’s stadium.

DSC_0328_016e While we were in OKC, we went to our first ever hockey game!!!  The Barons were playing the Texas Stars.  There is, of course, quite a bit of rivalry between Oklahoma and Texas.  😉DSC_0330_018eIt was a boy’s night out, but mom tagged along (or we wouldn’t have pics for the scrapbooks!)
DSC_0336_024eWe got there good and early!
DSC_0349_037eWhich was fun because the Baron’s mascot was prowling around the arena!
DSC_0371_059e I was pleasantly surprised by how much every one of us enjoyed the game!  It was non-stop action…DSC_0388_076e In a very family friendly atmosphere!DSC_0470_158e When the action slows down, the cameras will sometimes pan the audience.  Hmmm….looks like those guys are really getting into the game!  :)  LOL!DSC_0479_167eWe had great seats, especially because some nice regular (hockey nut) was sitting behind us.  He figured out real fast that we hadn’t watched very many hockey games, and he offered the kids tips on what was happening, and what certain penalties were for.


Vaughn and the boys at least knew enough to understand why the players kept skating back and changing places.  😉
DSC_0482_170eHockey games are played in periods.  Not quarters and not halves.. probably because there are 3 of them.  (I personally, thought it was over after 2 halves, but everyone stuck around, and there was more ‘half-time’ entertainment, but after the 3rd ‘quarter’, everyone got up and left!  ROFL!  Then I had to know (google was my friend) hockey is broken up into periods.  Now you know too.  You’re welcome.DSC_0505_193eI was actually very pleasantly surprised by how engaging and interactive the game was!


Lots of fans brought noise makers, and the place would erupt in clanging when the fans would try to rally their team.
DSC_0530_218e It was non-stop action, and we all really enjoyed it.


The boys even asked when we were going to another hockey game! ROFL!DSC_0542_230e It was upbeat, and a fun atmosphere…DSC_0618_304e DSC_0675_361e We were just starting to understand the game towards the end! LOL!  DSC_0692_378eWe were finally getting the hang of who goes into the penalty box.DSC_0807_493e And why.DSC_0811_497e Joel even got a souvenir in the form of a game puck!  :)DSC_0855_539eSo, we are won over.  Hockey games are a lot of fun!  I was wishing that we’d brought Em and Peanut too (and Beth), because they would have enjoyed the excitement also!
The Barons gave us a great show even though they lost by 1.

DSC_0733_419eThanks for yet another fun family-friendly stop, OKC!!!  Can’t wait to do it again!

Lilla Rose

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