Myriad Botanical Gardens & Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory, OKC…

Located in downtown OKC are the beautiful and relaxing Myriad Botanical Gardens & Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory.  The gardens are a full city block of beautifully landscaped acreage, complete with tiered levels, and a small lake…DSC_0332_332eLocated in the middle of Myriad Botanical Gardens, is the Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory.
DSC_0326_326eThe conservatory is a unique, 70 foot tall building that is covered in translucent panels.  On one end of the conservatory is the lobby, which often houses art collections, and a small reading library for children.
DSC_0276_276eThe conservatory offers 13,000 sq ft of tropical plants,
DSC_0146_146e a 35 foot tall waterfall,DSC_0272_272e


and a handicap accessible skywalk.DSC_0191_191eYou climb the steps to the skywalk surrounded by lush vegetation, DSC_0237_237e

and come down the other side of the skywalk in the tropical dry climate, 


which in many ways is somewhat desert-like…DSC_0201_201

The conservatory is set up to mimic two distinct climate zones: the tropical wet at the beginning of the tour, and the tropical dry climate at the other end of the conservatory.  Both were beautiful,DSC_0168_168eand had fascinating plants in them.


The conservatory map takes you on a self-guided tour, where you start at the top!
DSC_0174_174W The view down into the conservatory is beautiful.DSC_0176_176e The whole thing is so very peaceful!  The sound of the waterfall drowns out any ‘outside’ noise.DSC_0149_149eThere are dozens of unusual flowers,DSC_0177_177eHalfway down the stairs on the desert end, there is a little room that has some enclosures in it, where the kids enjoyed checking out the animals that were in them…
DSC_0213_213eThere were so many unique flowers scattered throughout the vegetation.
DSC_0230_230e Just when flower-hunter Emma and I had thought that we had noticed them all, another batch of colorful flowers would materialize out of nowhere!DSC_0231_231e Almost missed these Q-Tip flowers… (not really what they are called, but they make me think of Q-Tips every time I looked at them! lol)…DSC_0258_258e Emma and I could have walked through the conservatory a few more times looking for more flowers that we missed,DSC_0265_265e while the boys were busy checking out the more ‘manly’ plants in the dry climate area (and discussing how they could use them as weapons/self defense)…DSC_0178_178In the Tropical Conservatory, it was easy to get lost in your surroundings, and forget that you are in the midst of a bustling city’s popular downtown area!  It was so peaceful and relaxing, and we all kept finding interesting new plants.DSC_0181_181eAfter touring the conservatory, we headed outside to check out the Myriad Botanical Gardens’ Children’s Garden.DSC_0284_284eWhere there are extensive flower beds, lots of room to run and jump and play, and even some playground equipment like these one person merry-go rounds…
DSC_0293_293e Joel liked the view from the nest…DSC_0298_298e And we all liked the view – the Myriad Botanical Gardens are beautiful from anywhere on the block, and are free for exploration!  While you do need tickets to tour the conservatory, the gardens, including both splash areas, are open and free to the public!  There are beautiful areas for a picnic, but if you don’t want to pack one, on the grounds is a sit-down restaurant called The Park House.  DSC_0320_320eWe loved our visit to the Crystal Bridge Conservatory, and to the Myriad Botanical Gardens!  Both were peaceful and calming, and it was the perfect afternoon wrap up after touring the nearby Oklahoma Memorial Museum.

Lilla Rose

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