Taking on the coasters at Frontier City, OKC…

There are so many family friendly travel destinations here in Oklahoma City!!!  One of our favorites was the Frontier City Amusement Park.DSC_0062_062e copyFrontier City is a large amusement park (with an adjacent water park!!!) that is super family friendly!  The entire park has a frontier period theme and feel, starting right away in the gift shop, where you are serenaded by singing bears  :)DSC_0009_009eThe gift shop had all sorts of really fun items, from souvenir-type toys to Ts with bling to sunglasses and sunscreen in case you forgot yours.
DSC_0005_005eOnce we were inside the park, we took a bit of time to check out the park maps that are posted periodically throughout the park (you can also get a printed one at the ticket counter).  The the tribe split up; the bigs were off to find some roller coaster action while the littles and I hit the
DSC_0011_011 There are signs at each ride, stating who can ride the attraction, as well as height measurement marks that make it easy to tell if your child is tall enough for each ride.  For the rides geared towards the younger crowd, you can NOT do the ride if you are not with a child (under 48″, often)!  :)DSC_0015_015eEmma had chosen to go with the bigs and check out the rides with a bit of fear factor.  Savanna, Molly, and I, hung out in the children’s area for an hour or so.
DSC_0029_029eI’m pretty sure we spent a good 45 minutes just riding the first 3 rides in the park, over and over…DSC_0120_120eThe girls loved the ball fort…
DSC_0033_033 which is full of foam balls, and activities to do with them.
DSC_0035_035e There are two trains in the park.  One is a toddler engine and cars that runs in a small area that the littles can ride themselves.  The other is for all ages, and gives you a tour of the park, or can be used to take a ride to the other side of the park (put your walking shoes on, this is a big place!).DSC_0042_042e The entire park is themed in a prairie/western/frontier motif; the kids wished they would have dressed up as cowboys! LOL!DSC_0055_055eThe girls paddled canoes down the river…DSC_0081_081e a couple of times…DSC_0086_086e make that quite a few times…DSC_0101_101e And eventually got their dad to go on the kids’ roller coaster with them (I couldn’t possibly – I had to take pics 😉 )…DSC_0109_109e They also especially loved the tea cup ride for kids called Tina’s Tea Party!  I thought that Molly and Savanna would get scared doing it by themselves (Caleb was sleeping in the stroller), but they were spinning that cup as fast as they could and laughing their heads off.  It was hilarious!!!


We made a jaunt to the carousel next…


It is located in the middle of the park, and is stocked with unusual mounts…DSC_0141_141e The littles had such fun walking the circle trying to decide which to ride.  I think they rode it 4 times in a row!DSC_0144_144eThis was Peanut’s fav! LOL!DSC_0172_172e Dad caught up with us again, and took Emma, Peanut, and Molly on the ferris wheel.  Surprise, surprise, my little roller coaster lover Emma was a bit freaked out by the height of the ferris wheel once she got up there, but Savanna and Molly loved it!DSC_0178_178e The park has 3 roller coasters, including one that goes BACKWARDS!  Plus a hanging coaster …and the little kid coaster…  This one is called the Sidewinder…and was a hit with my bigs. whom I didn’t see for most of the day. (but heard all about their day the WHOLE way home. lol!)DSC_0184_184e The biggest kid of all had a good time too…DSC_0203_200eHe’s such a good daddy to humor the kids and take them on all these rides…DSC_0312_305eSacrifice, I’m telling you…DSC_0284_281e

Needless to say, they had a grand time…

DSC_0269_266e The park features lots of different food concessions, from ice cream to pizza to a more traditional cookhouse.


Even the food court looks like it stepped out of a frontier town…DSC_0374_367eThere are a couple of rides that cost extra, like a speed cart course and the Sky Coaster, but otherwise, all the rides are included.  Adjacent to Frontier City is White Water Bay, a water park with tons of slides and rides.  You can get a one park pass, or you can purchase two park passes, which let you go between the two.  The summer long 2 park pass is under $70, which is a great deal even if you only plan on going a few times (like family camping/vacationing in OKC for a couple of weeks).DSC_0338_331e There were lots of other rides besides the roller coasters, like a huge pirate ship that was a giant swing!DSC_0344_337eAnd another where you rode cars through a ‘town’ looking for bandits, while shooting out targets for points…
DSC_0356_349eHave a grand ole time driving the Tin Lizzy’s over the country roads that circle the ferris wheel…DSC_0376_369eand make sure to save enough time to take a ride on the Steel Lasso..DSC_0239_236e(…the new guy – the one next to Beth above, and riding with Em below, is our friend Joshua.  He and Beth have been getting to know one another online, and on facetime, for a couple of months, and he drove up from college in TX  to meet her (and us) over the weekend.  We did our best to scare him off, but he’s still texting…  😉
He actually graduates from college today!  *Great Job at keeping your focus on your goal, and finishing strong Joshua!!!)
DSC_0425_417eWe all loved our time at Frontier City, and spent the entire day there.  We stayed until the sun was setting, and they closed at 8pm.DSC_0415_407It was definitely a top stop for our OKC visit!  We’ve found that Oklahoma City is an incredibly family friendly city, and it’s kept us busy for nearly 2 weeks checking out all the great destinations!  Considering a visit yourself?  You can find out more about OKC here, and be sure to check out the Frontier City website too.

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