Toot! Toot! Full steam ahead to the OK Railway Museum!

Oklahoma City is set up pretty neat; they have an area in town called the ‘Adventure District’.  The Adventure District encompasses an area of several blocks, and includes family friendly stops like a zoo, science museum, horse racing track (occasionally they have exotic animal races! lol!), the 45th Infantry museum, and a few others – including the Oklahoma Railway Museum.DSC_0001_001

This free museum opened in 2002, and you can visit on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.
It’s definitely worth dropping by to check out!DSC_0007_007

The museum has multiple engines, coaches, and cabooses to check out.  While you cannot enter any of the engines, there were several coaches and cabooses that you can explore!

The kids loved climbing up in the caboose and sitting in the cupola, where the crew would perch to keep an eye out on the train…
DSC_0037_037wThey checked out the furniture in the caboose, and remarked how very much like an RV it was.
And my explorers also found another part of the caboose quite interesting.   One of the boys opened a door in the car, and found the bathroom…DSC_0029_029w

yep, the toilet was just a hole through the floor of the train.  No black tank like an RV!
I’m pretty sure the EPA has addressed this, ummm, ‘issue’, since the caboose was in use! LOL!  (and for the record, there are real, flushing-toilet restrooms on site)  😉

The museum can host birthday parties, and they offer train rides to the public on the first and third Saturdays from April to August.  The rides are just $12 for ages 14 and up, $5 for 3-13, and 2 and under is free.


The museum hosts multiple special events every year, like this weekend and next…these 2 weekends the park has a special steam engine from Ohio here, and you can purchase coach rides, or even drive the engine (purchase a time slot online), and the museum/grounds are open on those Sundays for this event.DSC_0079_079wCaleb loved this place! We could hardly keep up with him.
This one looks like Wilson off of Chuggington…  :)


I think the older the engines were, the more I liked them.
Character.  :)DSC_0055_055w

Caleb didn’t care how old they were – he had to climb on every one that wasn’t roped off, and explore every one of the cars who’s doors opened.  (the other littles too!)DSC_0048_048wThere is a car that contains model railroads, but the door was locked while we were visiting… I can’t tell you what is’t like since we didn’t see it, so it’s a surprise!  😉  (…send me a pic if it’s open when you go plz! lol!)DSC_0064_064wCaleb really, really likes trains.  Course, he really likes anything that has a motor!  And he was over the top excited to be here!  He ran around yelling, “Trains! Trains!’, and couldn’t be bothered with taking a picture!


The museum grounds have a small playground on them for the kiddos…

There is a cute little gift shop onsite, which features fun train mementos, and lots of Thomas the Tank engine stuff.  


Speaking of Thomas the Tank Engine (but not too loud, or Caleb will hear!), Thomas will be at the Oklahoma Railway Museum in August and again in September; Thomas will be offering rides, and the train yard will be emptied of the usual trains/cars, and filled with Thomas-related activities!   Check out the OK Railway Museum website for more info on Thomas’ visit, or other aspects of the museum.

DSC_0060_060wIt was a fun place, and since it’s in such a convenient location, it was easy to add it on to a day trip to another stop in the ‘adventure district’.  We chose to also visit the National Cowboy Museum today, and ever since then, it’s been all ‘full steam ahead!’ and ‘giddee up!’ in our 400 sq ft home on wheels!

Lilla Rose

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