Swimming to Shivering in less than a week…

On the Road again – after we went to Andersonville, we boondocked for the night in a Walmart parking lot.  We woke up the next morning to a low tire on the van; there was an industrial strength screw in it.  We drove it over to the Walmart tire and lube to have them fix it, but they wouldn’t put in on their lift with the kayaks on top…


The nice guy at the lube department recommended another shop that he thought would do it with the kayaks on, so Vaughn took the van over there to have it fixed.  He was back shortly, still with a low tire.  He was pretty sure that the tire place was just a front for a crack house 😉 and he didn’t even stop! ROFL!
So, the guys pulled the tire off in the parking lot of Walmart, stuck it in a cart (I mean buggy…they call them buggies down in the south) and pushed it over to the auto department for them to fix.  …and no, Walmart did not care that we were changing our tire in their parking lot, and they are not going to think that we moved in, nor will they change their policy regarding overnighting in their parking lots just because we wallydocked here and then ended up changing our tire in their lot (it’s a heated topic in RV circles 😉 ).
While Dad and Jake were trying to get the tire fixed, Thomas and I ran into Walmart to get a few things so that we could celebrate Valentine’s Day that day (Feb. 15) – yes, I do know that VD is on the 14th, but years ago, when we had to pinch pennies on everything, we decided to do Valentine’s Day a day late (when the candy was half off! :) ) – and it worked out great for us because Vaughn’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day; I just told the kids that we didn’t want to make Daddy share his birthday with another holiday, so what if we did Dad’s birthday on its day, and put VD off for a day.  The big kids were little then, and they were so happy to keep his birthday special and not have to share it; now the kids wouldn’t have it any other way.

So, we went in a got a few packages of clearance valentines (because the littles still think that is fun) and some half price candy.  :)


After the guys came strolling that buggy back across the parking lot, with the fixed tire in it, we were ready to hit the road in no time at all.  We are heading north; its going to be a bit chilly up there, and we don’t know where we are staying (will we have hookups, will we not, will we have to move from Walmart parking lot to Walmart parking lot???), so we stopped and filled up the generator fuel tanks (together they hold 48 gallons).  We have an onboard generator that we can start with the push of a button from inside the coach.  We never have to fill it up with a gas can – the rv has 2 separate fuel tanks – one that feeds the gene, and the other we use to refill the gene tank.


Then it was time to hit the road for the frigid cold.  We drove past lots of downed trees from the recent ice storm.


Samaritan’s Purse just got to Augusta, GA this past Monday to help clean up the downed trees with chainsaws.  We initially were going to stop and wait for them, and hoped to volunteer for 2 days, but we were going through on Sunday, and they wouldn’t be ready for volunteers until at least Mon. afternoon, so we decided to keep going.

We had planned on stopping by some friends’ house in Georgia, so when we left FL, we left with only a little water in our fresh water tank.  We never do that – we always travel with full tanks, but since we knew where we were going, we felt comfortable going with just enough water to get us there.  Things ended up not working out, and we ran out of water on our second night.
Good thing we are pretty experienced at dry camping!  Even with no water in our tanks, there are still dishes to do – 2 gallons of water later, and they were all clean  😉


We stopped at a Pilot fuel station in North Carolina yesterday for fuel.  We also dumped our grey and black tanks there, but we couldn’t get water there either -their water lines had frozen and were broken.
We’ve been buying bottled water to drink, and filling up empty gallon jugs at the gas stations to flush the toilet with (we won’t fill our tanks if we don’t know for sure it’s potable water (clean to drink)).

We finally feel like we were making progress getting up to our soldier.  Today we crossed the Annapolis Bay bridge in Maryland.  It cost Vaughn THIRTY SIX bucks to cross with the 5er! 


The van was more reasonable at $6.


Tonight finds us somewhere on the other side.  In the snow.

The littles are tickled pink, and are planning on getting up early so they can play in the ‘snowdrift’ – and I’m going to let them because, well, why not?


The last couple of nights we have been boondocking in cooler temps, so we have left our big slide in.  We always put our slides out when we overnight, but this way, with the big slide in, the furnace doesn’t have to heat that extra 30 sq. ft. (hey, that’s a lot when your total square footage is around 400!).  It’s a little more cozy in here, but that’s ok – we like each other  😉

DSC_0041_041Still not sure where we are going to camp while we are here in the frigid north, but we have found some options, so we are exploring those and trying to figure out which route to take.
It really doesn’t matter where we park tho, just that we are here! <3

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