Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center, Baton Rouge, LA…

After 4 great nights at Poche’s Fish n’ Camp, we pulled out and drove a whopping 60 miles to Baton Rouge to visit the Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center.


Since we were only going to be there for one night, we decided to ‘rough it’ in the Bass Pro Shops parking lot… (technically Denham Springs, but close enough ūüėČ )…


Which is always fun because we can go in and browse after dinner. ¬†:) ¬†Usually, when we boondock (overnight without any RV hookups), it’s at Walmart, and they are one of the most expensive places to overnight ever; it always costs us at least $100! ¬†(buying groceries, but still!). ¬† We got out of BPS with just 2 packages of some fish bait stuff – I was seriously impressed! LOL!


After getting the camper set up, we had just enough time to go check out Bluebonnet Swamp, which is a county park in east Baton Rouge.  The swamp nature center is a 103 acre preserve dedicated to education, conservation, recreation, and tourism.
When you first arrive, there is a parking area, and a ‘turtle pond’ (at least that’s what my little girls called it due to all the turtles on logs).


There is a nice boardwalk leading from the parking area, and after a short walk, you arrive in a meadow with a 9500 sq. ft. exhibit building…DSC_0335_134

Inside were quite a few exhibits with (mostly) reptiles like snakes and lizards in them.DSC_0277_076 Caleb likes the turtles,


but he is Really, REALLY into snakes at the moment (pretty sure it’s thanks to the Walter B Jacobs talk we had in Shreveport! LOL!).DSC_0294_093Bluebonnet Swamp has all sorts of camps and activities for kids. ¬†They had a display case with some of the craft projects they have done, and I had to take a picture of this super cute beaver one. ¬†I’m posting it here for later reference. ¬†:)

DSC_0295_094 They had a kids’ play area, that is great for littler ones while the bigger ones are interested in the exhibits…DSC_0296_095 and the building also houses a cute gift shop (which had a bumper sticker! yay!)DSC_0297_096 The swamp has self-guided nature walks. ¬†There are multiple paths, and they vary in length from .34 miles up to a round trip walk of 1.6 miles.DSC_0306_105The swamp is an excellent place to check out the local birds, and I’m sure we would have seen quite a few except that we had Caleb with us. and Molly. and Peanut. ¬†(we were the only ones there)
DSC_0312_111 I love all the undergrowth here in the swamp. ¬†I’ve heard that this is poison ivy, climbing this tree. ¬†For some reason, I didn’t think poison ivy got so big!¬†DSC_0323_122 The paths have several areas with boardwalks, including the path sections that border the swamp, and this overlook…DSC_0330_129We love to learn more about the south – despite traveling here/through it 3 other years, it still fascinates us. ¬†Bluebonnet Swamp was a great place to explore for a couple of hours, and a great place to learn about the deep south flora and fauna that you will find in this area of the country!

Lilla Rose

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