the end… :(

of our fishing Padre Island this year.
While we were on Padre Island National Seashore, we visited the visitor’s center several times…

12.21 019We stopped there one morning to inquire how the beach driving condition were.¬† Obviously, we don’t drive on the beach much (just when we are here), so we wanted to ask about how packed the sand was farther down on the beach.
This is why we asked… (LOL!)12.21 021This guy (from TX ūüėČ ), had buried his wheels deep in the sand.¬† :)¬† A big Dodge (and it’s driver of course), from Virginia,¬†had stopped to pull him out.¬† We stopped too, and after the truck pulled him farther into the softer sand (because he had to drive out a different way than the hole he had dug spinning his wheels), the driver drove it out, with 3 of my guys, and the Dodge driver, pushing.¬† I thought it was funny that someone from here was stuck and Virginia and Montana had to come down and get him out! ROFL!
We are pretty cautious driving on the beach – we have to take¬†our 15 passenger¬†van if we all go (because we got pulled over the first year for letting the kids ride in the bed of the truck while we were driving a whopping 15mph?!?! – I get rules, I really do,¬†but that is a shame; they were nice enough to let us off without fining us tho!), and while the van¬†is a one ton, it isn’t 4 wheel drive.¬† But it is heavy; if we got stuck, it would be one expensive tow bill!

We got down the beach 6 miles before chickening out due to the sand conditions.¬†¬† :)¬†¬† So, since we didn’t make it all the way to Big Shell Beach, we turned around, got back on the main road, and headed north.¬† We drove onto¬†Mustang Island¬†and to Port Aransas.¬† The wind was picking up, and the surf was pounding, but there were several kiteboarders out there getting a workout…12.21 029

They were doing some massive jumps!  It was very interesting to watch, but none of us wanted to be out there! LOL!

We got out and checked out the beach –12.21 049¬†there were lots of little dead man o’wars.¬† The littles love the way they ‘pop’ when stomped on.¬† Once we showed Caleb, he ran around the beach¬†stomping on those little blue balloon-like creatures and laughing when they snapped.¬† He did it so much we had to scrape¬†the dead man o’war film off¬†the bottom of his shoe with a shell.¬† ewwww.

12.21 047While out at Port Aransas, there was a flock of these crazy looking birds on the beach!

12.21 051Then we hopped on the ferry to take us back to the mainland…

12.21 060into Aransas Pass and to the Sonic drive-in.  It was half-price milkshake day.  :)

12.21 065And we obviously don’t go out for milkshakes often – we let the bigs and middles order larges.¬† When Caleb woke up, everyone tried to pawn their half-eaten milkshakes on him since they couldn’t finish the oversized sugar-overloads. LOL!12.21 075Back on the island found us back on the beach.¬†¬† :)

12.21 093And back to the poles.¬† Daniel caught our first Pompano!12.21 081It was still windy, but sometimes the fishing is better when the water is churning.¬† It’s just¬†a lot of work to wade out chest deep in the pounding waves to cast the bait out far enough.

12.21 094Whiting and Pompano to filet…12.21 001That¬†night it was very muggy out – there was a thick fog, and the air was so moist that when the kids went out to go Ghost Crab hunting, they came back in with their hair wet,¬†looking like they’d been running through the sprinkler…12.21 003The crabs are thick out on nights like that; the kids caught tons of them, but just brought back one big one and several little ones to show Caleb…12.21 012On Sunday we were total heathens and stayed on the island and went fishing.¬† We don’t embrace the whole ‘I can worship¬†God better¬†in the woods’ thing (we aren’t meant to go to church just to receive, but to edify others too), but I would have to¬†say it might be easier to deny the Creator if you never get out to see His¬†creation.¬†¬†Every kid should be able to get out of the city.
The weather was beautiful…¬† 12.21 004And it was Dad’s turn to hook into a big one…12.21 037This time it was a Red Drum.¬† 41.5 inches¬† ūüėȬ† (we’ll be back next year for another go at your record, Walt!)12.21 052While he was longer than Jake’s, he only weighed 27 pounds (they are more sleekly designed), much¬†lighter than Jakes.12.21 062This fishing paradise (13 days worth)¬†made¬†Vaughn’s whole winter right there, so now we can go home.
Just Kidding!!!!!!!!!¬†it’s cold up there. ¬† :)

(and yes, he put it back)12.21 069Looking through these pictures tempts us to run back down to the island for another stay before we make our trek to Florida by the end of January.¬† The island is one of our favorite places in the country.¬† Even the boy who hates water likes it (that’d be Caleb).12.21 071Last Monday, we pulled out and headed up towards Houston.
And while we are looking forward to what this year holds, we’re already looking forward to next year – hopefully it holds another¬†camping site for us on Padre Island National Seashore!12.21 076

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