Checking off the ‘Honey Do’ list…

12 people.  1 cheap, plastic RV toilet.  It was bound to happen sooner than later.  I’m actually pretty surprised that it didn’t happen sooner!
Yep, we finally had to replace our toilet – the only one we have in the RV.  It actually stopped flushing with water right before we left for OK, but we were busy and couldn’t be bothered with a little nuisance like that, so we just got a little plastic pitcher to leave in the bathroom, and we would pull water from the sink to use to rinse out the toilet.  (because you REALLY want to know all the details like this, right??? LOL!).  Anyway, we made do, even got used to it, and kind of forgot that the toilet was broken because we were busy!  Between Oklahoma, fireworks, and helping cater, we really didn’t care that it was broken because we didn’t have time to remember it was broken!  (besides, there isn’t a big inventory of RV toilets to chose from in Helena, MT anyway)
But, last week, we HAD to come to grips with the fact that we would have to find time to replace it because the ‘flusher’ (pedal) broke and the toilet wouldn’t close – in 90+ degree weather, and not full hookups (tho it wouldn’t have mattered if they were).   Ewww.
Needless to say, we suddenly became much less choosy on which model of toilet we wanted, and just took what was out there.  (but we did get a porcelain bowl – and those of you with RVs will understand).
Vaughn got the fun job of removing the old one and cleaning up the area…IMG_20130719_140611

and then putting in our new one.  Pretty snazzy isn’t it???  (it had better be for as much as they charge for these el cheapo things!) LOL!fairgrounds 093

So, did you notice that it’s like 6 inches off the floor???
Yeah, cuz the only porcelain one they had was a low profile model, and of course, in Helena, MT, they wouldn’t carry the extension (to make it taller!).  –traveling has really spoiled me to shopping!  I think that even here, with it’s 55 to 60k population, this town is too big, yet the shopping isn’t good enough – don’t want much, do I? 😉

So, our current dilemma is whether or not to order the extension and raise it up.  Us tall people are getting used to it (after feeling like we are falling through the floor when we forget that it’s so short), but Molly LOVES it!  She shows everyone our ‘tiny toilet’, and she hasn’t had a purposeful (actually any) accident since we got it (before she needed help because it was so tall and it was a fight) – because she now LOVES to go potty.
I know – that’s a huge decision.  LOL!  …the things we do for our kids. 😉fairgrounds 009We (well, not me 😉  hehehe!) have been doing some maintenance stuff around here like replacing lightbulbs and broken hatch hooks, and trying LEDs out in our bigger lights, and putting in organizers  (we seldom do stuff like that on the road – it’s just easier to wait until we get ‘home’).
The boys put up some baskets that I have wanted installed for some time.  They are at the end of Jake and Eli’s bunks, and each is hung from the bottom of the bunk above theirs…fairgrounds 004

They are not exactly what I wanted, but the closest thing I could find.  I ended up getting sliding wire drawers from a closet system, and the boys used wire cutters, or tin snips, or something, to cut out some of the wire from the front of the baskets…   fairgrounds 006After they cut out the front to make it accessible, they screwed it to the bottom of the bunk above them, and they now have some hanging storage.   They are fabulous about just listening to what I envision – then I get out of the way while they do it (for obvious reasons)…Summers house 009

We want this crazy convoy to be ready to hit the road whenever, so we are trying to get things done around here.  Next projects on my list are (when the guys aren’t at work!) : new bed for Peanut, revamp part of the living room, some new custom built furniture, and to liquidate most of our 27 foot storage unit…I’m tired already (or maybe it’d be more appropriate to say The Guys are tired already!!!) – but it’s all part of the fun, right?  😉

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