National Cowboy Museum, OKC…

We started out Father’s Day by getting ready to go to church…OKC cou 097ed

After church, we made a quick lunch, and then headed north for a special outing.

A man at church had given us tickets to the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum!!!  Enough tickets for our whole family (that is here anyway!)!!!  Just up our alley, but not something that we would have splurged for on this trip, we were excited to get to go!  Our only time to go was Sunday after church, otherwise we would have had to take time off from volunteering, and we weren’t willing to do that!  It was now or never.  😉

To get there, we drove past the Oklahoma State Capitol building…OKC cou 125

the museum was about 20 minutes from where we are staying in Moore…OKC cou 131ed

It is a beautiful, classy building, laid out very nicely.  Inside the main entrance, you are greeted by the original ‘End of the Trail’ statue…OKC cou 144The museum has several large galleries, and a ballroom with 5 huge, 3 panel, paintings of landmarks, including the lower Yellowstone falls… OKC cou 155…all 5 are stunning, and after seeing them, we are pining for the ocean, are thinking that maybe the Grand Canyon wasn’t so creepy after all, and are sure we now need to visit Monument Valley.  :)

The museum has the cutest restaurant in it… OKC cou 159

We loved the Livery Stable, and spent quite a bit of time checking out the mock Old West town. OKC cou 164Inside, the lights were dimmed, the streets were hard-packed dirt (not really, they were concrete with wagon ruts and horse-shoe impressions), and the lit town stores were inviting.  The town windmill stretched above the buildings, and the stars twinkled in the ‘night sky’…OKC cou 175At the Sherriff’s office, the tribe got their just desserts…OKC cou 190

The jail cell is an actual old jail room, made out of strap steel, like they put around wagon wheels, so it was readily available – it wouldn’t take any time to make more/a new one if there were  rash of arrests.  Like, for instance, now.  😉  The ‘sheriff’ gave us a talk about some guns they had on display, and the famous outlaws that they had belonged to.

After we had checked out the western town, our tribe split up.  I took the littles on a little walk down a path through lovely flowerbeds… OKC cou 201to the Children’s Cowboy Corral…
The kids’ area includes fun activities like playing dress up in the bunkhouse,OKC cou 226 with leather chaps, vests, and cowboy boots… OKC cou 004There were different, fun activities, like touch screens that told you about different aspects of old west living. OKC cou 008There was the cutest little log playhouse, with a campfire, cooking rack, and spotted enamel dishware and cast iron kettles th
at Caleb and the little girls had such fun with… OKC cou 035

Caleb was the camp cook – he was always taste testing his kettle of beans with this tribe-sized spoon… LOL!OKC cou 040The corral had these oversized puzzles, set in concrete frames, for the kids to do… OKC cou 223along with a western/cowboy/outdoors book area, a place to tie strips of cloth onto a wooden horse cutout to make a mane and tail, dioramas with an armadillo and western scenes, and these touch stations (among other things)…OKC cou 225

Caleb really liked their little cowboy boots – they had some just his size!  :)  I figured that it would be a huge deal when it came time to put them back, but he wasn’t too bad. OKC cou 019ed

His favorite place in the whole building was the ‘horse riding’ – which were saddles on logs…OKC cou 206
They had a saddle just his size…  OKC cou 212While we were in the children’s corral, the rest of the family was touring the galleries of the museum…OKC cou 058The museum was great as it covered so many time periods, and had interesting displays.
Each display was concise and compact, so it was interesting, but not overkill and boring. OKC cou 060There was beautiful artwork (most of the gallery area is no flash photography, so the pics are a little dark)… OKC cou 061There was an area dedicated to  rodeo…OKC cou 064Hollywood western stars (and a film about the history of the western), including big names like Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, OKC cou 068Gary Cooper, Jimmie Stewart, and, of course, John Wayne… OKC cou 067  It covered Ranch Life; the room here had a large marble map on the floor that had major ranches etched into it.  One of the ranches was the Grant-Kohrs Ranch, which is very near our hometown.  The rom to the right had an extensive barbed wire display!  :)OKC cou 070

There were well-done scene settings, lots of enclosed glass cases, and a fancy gift shop.OKC cou 072

There were quite a few other displays that I didn’t mention, and huge rooms full of incredible artwork that prohibited photography.

We had 3 hours to tour the museum, and could have spent several more there!  But, for a few of the littles, that 3 hours was enough to wear them out!!! OKC cou 078edThe National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City is so worth the visit!!!  We would love to go back some day, when we have more time to tour all of the exhibits and galleries!

After we left the museum, we stopped by Academy Sports so that Vaughn could pick out his Father’s Day gift.  Before Moore happened, and long before we left for down here, we had planned on getting Vaughn a new grill for FD; we literally wore our other one out taking it on the road with us!  But now that we are busy in Moore, we scrapped the grill idea.  I’m sure we will get one later, but for now, it’s on the back burner  😉
Vaughn picked up some sweat wicking headband thing that he wanted.  The kids have been so busy with volunteering, and I haven’t had a van most of the time, that we hadn’t picked up an alternative gift for him – besides, this way he could get the color he wanted (which was camo, of course).
We stopped at McD’s for dinner off of their dollar menu, then came straight home so we could figure out this leak on the main slide before it began raining tonight.  Not an exciting Father’s Day, but that’s just the way it is right now – we’ll make it up to him when we get back home…   😀

For now, it’s raining heavily.  The crew is anxious to get back out on the field first thing in the morning – we’ll see what they can to tomorrow with all this new mud and standing water!!!     :)

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  1. Your descriptive words make me feel as if I walked through that place with your family. I visited the National Memorial downtown before leaving. The outdoor exhibits are free. Very moving experience.

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