Pigeon Forge & Smoky Mountain Knife Works, TN…

While we were visiting the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, we also checked out the town of Pigeon Forge, TN.  I had forgotten how touristy towns out here in the east can be; it reminded us of Myrtle Beach, with all the themed mini golf courses.
We were surprised by all the BIG touristy things to do, like this Wax Museum…TN 412

or WonderWorks…

TN 136

The Titanic is in town…TN 139with the Hatfields and the McCoys battling it out right next door…TN 137There were a gazillion different mini golf courses, and tons of eateries.  (and we actually went to one of the above places, but that’s another post)
In all that touristy-ness, we found a stop that ended up being much different, and much cooler, than we thought it would be.

One afternoon, while I was grocery shopping, Vaughn and Eli ran up to the Smoky Mountain Knife Works.  If you know Eli, you already know he is a knife fanatic – he owns dozens and dozens, and always has to check out more.  TN 516They went inside and looked around for a few minutes, and then came back to the RV and picked up the other boys – they said it was the Cabela’s of knife shops!  Inside was huge, and while they had all sorts of stuff for sale, there were also many, many displays!TN 456The guys said that this was their kind of museum!  Some of the displays were of old knives, some were new….TN 464There were several large displays of mounts, including a ‘mountain’ full of animals just like they have in the big sporting goods stores.TN 495Vaughn was impressed – everyone that worked there was friendly and knowledgeable, and the store was clean.
The guys spent a few hours there…TN 468And really enjoyed it.  They found some great deals on knives, and the boys each picked out an unsharpened knife, and the guy working the sharpening counter asked Vaughn if he wanted every one really sharp (even the 9 and 11 y.o.s).   Vaughn said absolutely.  The guy didn’t bat an eye, he just nodded, smiled, and put a sharp edge on each one.  Then he wrapped all their knives up for them.TN 490

We loved our time in Tennessee – we actually felt right at home in all the camo, guns, and knives!  And a visit to the Smoky Mountain Knife Works was a great way to top it all off!  We’ll be back!  :)

Lilla Rose

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  1. Chuck Parham says:

    You discovered the best attraction in the area!! It is my destination vacation spot!!

  2. Oh, we did not, Wilma! :(
    But we now know for next time! 😉
    Thanks! <3

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