Celebrating Easter in a campground…

Since we are slowly working our way back home, we spent Easter in South Carolina…estr and clams 088We don’t do ‘Easter baskets’, but we do get the kids some little thing – preferably something consumable! LOL!

The first year that we traveled, we were so busy that we didn’t get around to dyeing eggs until the day of Easter.  SC 307We liked that so much, that we have done it ever since.  This year, on Easter, we dyed eggs with friends……SC 329and had clams and Duck Dynasty chicken finger-things (that were really good, I just don’t remember the name of them) along with other yummy things like fresh bread (I now desperately need to find the space to put a bread maker – I’m so not making bread by hand on my little counters and baking in my little oven).  We even had colored deviled eggs… (because we have fun friends like that)…estr and clams 100

After the kids were done dyeing eggs, the boys tried to suck a peeled, hard-boiled egg into a glass bottle that one of the boys had found in the woods. SC 345

They never did get it to work, but they had fun trying (and now owe me a big box of matches)…  (something to do with a match using up all the oxygen in the bottle and creating a vacuum that would pull the egg in???)…SC 347

Oh, yeah, back to the food  😉
These were the clams that we brought from our time at the beach with other traveling friends!  misc 007We ended up cooking them inside because we didn’t bring a grill this year.  Thank goodness it was nice so that we could open all the windows! LOL!misc 004  The clams didn’t last long!  😉misc 012and, really important here, we found out that Caleb really likes Nutella… (not sure that was South Carolina specific tho 😉 …misc 016We had a fun time being parked next to friends!  We camped near each other for 6 days, then it was time to move on.  But not before making plans to meet up again!

This winter is the first time, really, that we have gotten together with other fulltime families.  And while we don’t really do groups (we are groupies all by ourselves), we do love to hang out with another family now and again, and can’t wait to be neighbors with some of our otr friends once more!

Lilla Rose

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  1. Dana what is the secret to having colored deviled eggs? I would like to make those for special events. Hope you are all doing well.

    • Hi Alice!
      She just dyed the hard-boiled, halved, egg whites in the egg coloring. Supposedly you can also just add food coloring to some water and it will color them too, but I haven’t seen it done/work. I thought they were fun too!!! :)

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