Cowpens National Battlefield, SC…

Happening just months after the battle at King’s Mountain, the conflict at Cowpens was also a patriot victory during the Revolutionary War.
Cowpens National Battlefield is located just half an hour west of King’s Mountain NHP, in northwestern South Carolina.  We spent the afternoon there after visiting King’s Mountain (we went to King’s Mountain first since it happened before Cowpens).  Thomas' 104…our Tribe heading in to the visitor’s center (my camera’s battery died, Thomas didn’t take many pictures here, so what you see is all I’ve got! -it’s all Thomas’ fault 😉  LOL!)

Inside, we got Jr. Ranger books, and worked on them for a little bit as best we could.  This park is set up rather strangely; the movie is shown every 2 hours, and it is in the same room as the ‘museum’ (displays) are.  Once the movie is started, you can’t go in and work on your books.  We arrived when the movie was only a few minutes in, and the ranger offered for us to go in, but peeking in, it was standing room only so we decided to wait for the next showing.  In the meantime, we found what answers we could in the foyer…Thomas' 125

Then we decided to take a walk on the battlefield while we waited for the next showing of the movie.  Usually, we always try to watch the movie first so that we can better understand what we are seeing on the grounds, but in this case, we had to walk first.  The boys took a longer walk than the littles and us did so that they could earn some special ‘medal’.Thomas' 108Cowpens was different from King’s Mountain in that the grounds were level – only part of the path was paved here, but the whole path was very flat.

Battle of Cowpens Monument…Thomas' 105On the walk, there were metal soldier silhouettes that were holding wooden musket blanks that you could take off and pretend with.  Caleb LOVED them!!!  He cried every time that he had to put one back!
The boys caught up to us on our way back to the visitor’s center, and we all went in and watched the movie.   We really liked the movie at this park – it was well done!  It was a grandfather telling his grandson about the grandfather’s role as a soldier in the battle and flashed back to his memory while he was telling it.

After the movie was over, we checked out the displays in the room and the kids finished their Jr. Ranger books.  Jake doesn’t do the JR program anymore, so he usually helps with Caleb so that I can help with the little girls.  In this v.c., in the back of the movie room, there were some drawers with activities for the kids to do.  Caleb kept giving Jake the Red Coats and Militia men to set up…Thomas' 118

In another room, there is a display that explains the order of events in the battle at Cowpens.  There are also miniatures of the two USS Cowpen Navy ships.  The first was an aircraft carrier that served in WWII…Thomas' 123and the other is a guided missile cruiser, which was decommissioned this past February and is now homeported in CA.

Caleb loved the little ‘phones’ that played recordings about the battle…Thomas' 117

There was a little gift shop, but no bumper stickers.  :(
Cowpens National Battlefield was a nice stop to get out and check out the area.

Lilla Rose

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