Blue Ridge Parkway…

While we were in South Carolina, the guys had some fun with the local water vines…IMG_0130

The other fulltime family dad that we were camping with had told Vaughn how he grew up swinging on water vines in forests just like this one.  When the guys were out mushroom hunting, they started looking around at all those water vines, and they couldn’t help themselves.  Before long, the 2 dads were swinging out over a ravine, and having a grand old time.  Then they realized that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea, at their age, to be out swinging way up in the air, by themselves.  So, Vaughn conveniently dropped his phone (he said he lost it, but..) out there in the woods while they were headed home.  Of course, once Vaughn ‘realized’ that he had lost his phone, they had to go back out in the woods to find it.  So, they took the boys back to the vines (to look for the phone of course), and… IMG_0175The dads were all over it after that – after all, now there were all those big boys to haul them out of the woods should something happen.  😉  They had a great time.  They actually took some film on Eli’s iPod, but it’s sideways and I can’t figure out how to turn it and post it.  Suffice it to say that those ole dads gave the boys a run for their money on swinging the Ravine of Death.   😀

We pulled out of South Carolina on Saturday.   We drove through the northeastern corner of Georgia, and found this nice little visitor’s center to stop at, parking in their spacious parking lot while we had lunch.TN 013

Usually, when we just stop to make a quick lunch, we don’t put the slides out.  This is what it looks like when we all pile in and have a quick lunch…  makes us appreciate it when we get to our site and get to widen the load and expand the floorspace! LOL! TN 003After lunch, it was a short drive into the western end of North Carolina! TN 019We parked the 5er in the Walmart parking lot in Waynesville and hit the road right away in the van.  We wanted to go to the Water Rock visitor’s center on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
We never did make it to the V.C. because apparently the southern-most 15 miles or so, including that visitor’s center, doesn’t typically open until sometime in May.  We did drive another part of the parkway tho, and the views were gorgeous.TN 027I wish that we could be doing this drive a few weeks later, when the trees have just leafed out.. Even though it’s early, there is lots of green – some green grass, TN 031quite a few evergreens (more the higher we got),TN 043and lots of moss.   TN 059There were expansive views… TN 063 TN 064We got our snow ‘fix’ for the year  😉 TN 072It was pretty, but that was plenty of snow and ice for my taste!TN 082

The drive is all along the ridge-way of the mountains…  TN 089There was a cute little tunnel that we drove through (the little girls LOVE tunnels!)… TN 094

And yes, all the pictures are taken from the van; TN 100it was FREEZING out/up there.  Vaughn joked that we had all turned into a tribe of sissy Floridians now that we couldn’t take a little cold (well, it was just us girls! LOL!). 😀 TN 109The areas of bare deciduous trees all have a ‘moss” green hue because there is so much moss growing all over the leafless trees… TN 123All the bridges around here are so neat – they are all made of stone.  We think that they are really pretty since they don’t do that back in Montana much. TN 130

We had a lovely drive down part of the Blue Ridge Parkway.  We can say that we have driven part of it, but we never did make it to Asheville to get Jr. Ranger booklets – and I don’t know that we could have driven the miles of parkway into Asheville – the road is twisty turny, and I was surprised that no-one felt carsick!  We took a minor highway back to Waynesville and loved that drive as well – it was pretty, and it was hillbilly too!

While we didn’t end up getting to see the southern end of the Blue Ridge Parkway, or make it to the southern visitor’s center of the Great Smokey Mountains, we did have a nice visit to the area- tho we still hope to drive that part of the parkway – not being able to makes it all the more intriguing.  :)

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