2 weeks parked in Alabama at the Moundville Archaeological Park campground…

Two weeks ago today, we pulled into the Moundville Archaeological Park campground near Tuscaloosa, AL… AR 001

…we love walkie talkies – we bought a good set for in the vehicles; we use them when we are driving down the road, and also for ‘parking’ in our sites.

Lots has happened in the past 2 weeks – Caleb fell and chipped both his front teeth (but a little chocolate and the remotes, and he’s good to go…) AR 047– can’t image where he gets his chocolate fetish!  (during our 2 weeks here, I also had to find a new place to store my chocolate stash – he is an obedient boy most of the time, but chocolate pilfering is an area we have yet to overcome… 😉

Being from Montana, we like a little snow now and again.  BUT, if it is going to snow, LET IT SNOW!  Not this silly little barely-a-flurry stuff…AR 057We were in Tuscaloosa to work at a ministry opportunity, and the whole family went into town to eat dinner with the work crew one night the first week (me and the littles – V and bigs were already there).  We couldn’t believe our eyes – a winter storm warning…AR 067that culminated in school being let out early, and traffic moving really slow.  ROFL!

This was the end result of the ‘Winter Storm Warning’…  😀AR 066hmph!  not even enough to play in!!!  :(

We got a ton of schoolwork done while Daddy and the bigs were working, we explored the park, we got a few errands done that we had not had a chance to do yet (like having some strings replaced on the harp)…  It was a busy 2 weeks, but relaxing too!

Last night, we had company – one of the project supervisors and his wife came out for dinner, and we had such a lovely visit!

One of the things that we enjoy most about visiting new places (besides meeting new friends), is to learn about stuff that is unique to that area of the country.   We hadn’t really had an interest in Mardi Gras (and we still don’t, but it was good to learn that not everything about it is bad), but found the dessert that they brought to be so interesting!  They brought a ‘King Cake’ and gave us a lesson on it… (there is supposed to be a little plastic baby on the top of the cake, but I didn’t think to take a pic until the baby had been hid underneath!).moundville 001This King Cake was cream cheese, but they come in different flavors – they are uniform in the dyed crystal sugar that tops it, though, always the same 3 colors.    The season for ‘king cakes’ is from the 12 Days of Christmas to the day before Lent.

The baby is hid within the pastry, and who ever receives it in their piece, gets certain privileges and/or obligations depending on what part of the world they are in (around here, it usually means that they have to provide the King Cake for the next party!).  Eli got the baby…moundville 006We haven’t decided what he will have to do yet!  😉

While we were in Tuscaloosa, we also drove through the areas hardest hit by the tornado that struck here nearly 2 years ago.  There is still so much damage, and lots of reconstruction to do.  Which is why we are here – to hopefully help out.  It takes something pretty special to get us to stay put in one place for two whole weeks!Es SP 017

:)  There are some things, that we get to do or see while we travel, that we wish everyone could experience; they are just so eye opening.  Doing a disaster rebuild is one of those things.  And we feel so privileged that we get a second go-round here, spending time with old(er! 😉 ) friends, meeting new friends, and hopefully being a blessing to those we meet!

Lilla Rose

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  1. We thought the baby thing was crazy! We went to a parade in MS and Matt caught a beaded necklace and yelled “Why does mine have a naked baby?!!!” :)


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