Celebrating Christmas in an RV …it's beginning to look Yuley around here!

Celebrating Christmas in an RV – I’m not sure what possessed me, but while we were at Balmorhea I pulled out nearly everything that was stored under our master bed, and retrieved the ‘Christmas box’.  I don’t usually get the Christmas decorations out until much closer to Christmas!   There aren’t a lot of holiday things that we save from year, to year, but we do save our little, fake Christmas tree.  The first year we traveled, we bought a small imitation tree.  That year, after Christmas, I took the tree to Goodwill, along with the ornaments and any other Christmas themed stuff that we had purchased.  The second year that we traveled, I went out and bought another, identical tree.  That one we have saved because I am just too cheap to keep buying a new one each year.   Besides, there is nothing else that I would bury so far under my bed in that basically inaccessible spot up near the nose-cone, except the tree, which I only have to dig out once a year.   And digging that tree out makes for a good excuse to organize that out-of-sight storage area (which I did while I had it all ripped apart anyway).

We keep, from year to year, the tree, the ornaments, the kids stockings, and a small cd case with some Christmas music and movies in it.  We like the classics, you know, like White Christmas and Holiday Inn.  And it’s tradition to watch our fav Christmas movie, The Muppets Christmas Carol, on Christmas Eve.  I’ve decided that this year we are going to start a new tradition for Christmas Eve.  Growing up, it was tradition for Vaughn’s family to have Oyster Stew on Christmas Eve.  That’s not happening here due to the fact that I think Oyster Stew is rather nasty – just the smell makes me feel ill! LOL!   -besides, only about 1/3 of the tribe likes o.s.   So, this year we are beginning a new tradition (thanks to Aunt Carol) – Gumbo for Christmas Eve.  This is going to be a huge hit because we ALL like gumbo!  And, I found roux today! Yeah!!!  I have been asking in every grocery store and Walmart since we hit TX if they carried dark roux.  Today, the manager at Walmart escorted me to what they had in stock (he knew it was super important 😉 ).  I was obviously feeling the Christmas spirit of generosity because I left 2 on the shelf in case someone else needed one.   :)   The rest is hoarded stashed under the seats in the van awaiting Christmas Eve, various special occassions, and just-because back home in MT, where they do NOT sell roux.  Finding the roux, and visiting my first HEB (TX grocery store) of the year, where I picked up a seasoned brisket, made me a happy girl today!  😀

gosh, talk about a rabbit trail…  anyway, while we were at Balmorhea, we put up our little-bitty Christmas tree.   Caleb was a big help this year… 

The kids worked together to decorate the RV. Some worked on the tree, while others put garland up on the slides and cupboards then hung ornaments from it.

Caleb wasn’t sure what to think!  He did know that he liked the ornaments, which he was free to play with, and he liked the lights on the tree.

Molly is pretty serious about anything that she thinks is a big-girl project, whether it’s Jr. Ranger booklets, helping around the house, or decorating the tree…

The big boys left it for the littles, but Molly did talk them into replacing the strings that had come undone on several of the oranments.

For the most part, the little girls did the tree…

and Peanut topped it with our little plastic glittery star…

and then we moved it to the table where it sits; except for when we are moving – then it is set on one of the dinette benches where it rides quite nicely.

Caleb is quite enraptured with it.   Tho these days he looks quite different.  While we were at Balmorhea, I cut off those curls.  It was time.

But I don’t have a (good) pic of him without them yet.  By the time I was finished, he was good and mad.  and throwing a fit! LOL!   I did take a picture, but it’s more scary than cute!

Balmorhea was lots of fun, but we left 2 days ago.  We are currently enjoying the beautiful Texas Hill Country; it’s nice to be back!  :)

Lilla Rose

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