Celebrating Thanksgiving in an RV…

Sometimes I wish that we were better planners.  But then I usually realize that it wouldn’t matter if we were because things seldom go as planned anyway.  We ended up leaving Lake McClellan the day before Thanksgiving.  We had planned to get to Monahan Sandhills State Park to spend Thanksgiving, but we were running late, and we didn’t make it.  We really didn’t want to pull in super late and bother the other campers, plus, we wanted to check in while there were rangers on duty.  Texas state parks and us have a rocky relationship.  They are not large family friendly, and we didn’t want any unexpected expenses when we went in to pay our bill aftercelebrating Thanksgiving in an RV.  We planned on buying a state parks pass that would cover our day use/entrance fees, and we knew that we would have to rent 2 sites…without checking in in person, it could have been a big mess, so we decided to forgo it.

So, we ended up stopping at the Odessa, TX Walmart.  The night before Thanksgiving.  And then, where would we move on Thanksgiving, so we ended up spending Thanksgiving night there too.  Yeah.  It was interesting.   And it sure was convenient for those doorbuster sales! LOL!  Tho, for the record, we only picked up one gift, but I did walk across the parking lot (after the crowd had died down) to pick up some jeans for the boys.   Needless to say, we couldn’t have left if we wanted to come Thanksgiving night – we were boxed due to the mad buying frenzie.

So, we can now say that we spent Thanksgiving in a Walmart parking lot (there are 2 Wallyworlds in Odessa, and I think we were in the bad part of town! LOL!).   We had a very nice and quiet celebration anyway.

I found a 13 pound turkey (looked like a big chicken…) that fit just right in our little RV stove.  Back in the sticks and bricks, Thanksgiving turkeys were always the biggest I could find, usually 25-27 pounds, and I would buy 6 to 10 of them to put in the freezer.  Up until this point, in the RV, it just didn’t seem worth it to cook a whimpy bird like a 13 pounder.  But, this year we had to!

With such a small kitchen, we didn’t go all out like we used to in the house, and we did learn that when you have to clean off the counters to cook, setting sweets on the top step isn’t the safest spot…

(donuts for breakfast – one of the perks to camping in Wallyworld)…and we also learned that Caleb REALLY likes donuts.

The girls helped me make a pumpkin pie (and 2 pecan)…

And we all pitched in in the kitchen…

to make a somewhat traditional meal  :).   Perspectives seem to change dependent on your surroundings; this would have been deemed a lazy-cook Thanksgiving meal in the house (and it would have never been served in the pots and pans! LOL!).

We had a nice relaxing Thanksgiving spending the day together. doing nothing. going nowhere. (bliss).

Well, almost bliss.  We sure were missing our Greg and Hannah!

Thanksgiving and Christmas are the hardest times traveling.  It is so fun to get to spend the holidays in new places (not that the Walmart in Odessa is fun…), but it is hard to spend them away from the big kids.  Maybe that is why it works so well for us to spend our summers ‘back home’…we get the best of both worlds  :)

To be honest, I’m pretty glad that I’m not ‘back home’ right now – the days are in the mid 40s there.  Here they are high 70s and into the 80s.  Tomorrow my tribe will be diving and snorkeling to their heart’s content in the world’s largest spring-fed pool.    :)   We are enjoying life on the open road.

It’s the traveling life for us…

Lilla Rose

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  1. I still cannot figure out how you cook for so many with such a tiny oven! I think we have the world’s smallest oven in our house (a parsonage). It’s a huge kitchen so I can’t figure out why the oven is so tiny. We finally bought a roaster and we use it all the time. It takes up very little room (although probably bigger than most of your on-board appliances) and we can roast turkeys and our prime rib for Christmas. It has saved us for the holidays.

  2. What a fun memory that’ll be for you one day. “Remember that one Thanksgiving in Walmart?!” :) Glad it was cozy!

  3. I love reading about your family’s life both on and off the road. I think it stinks that Texas makes you pay for two sites when you all are comfortably living in one RV. My husband and I are retired fulltimers currently in Austin. TX. Travel safely. Belva

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