Agate Fossil Beds National Monument…

After we went to Scotts Bluff National Monument, we went north of Scotts Bluff about 45 miles to the Agate Fossil Beds National Monument.  The Agate Fossil Beds are (were) two small beds of dinosaur fossils that have been completely excavated.  The two mounds that the beds were located on are still visible, and you can walk out to them from the visitor’s center.  We chose not to since we didn’t get there until after lunch, and since the fossil beds are no longer there anyway…

The rangers were super nice!  The kids picked up their Jr. Ranger booklets right away, and then we watched the short film on the fossil beds.  Which was a joke.  I was really glad that we were the only ones there because it was one of those films where they are trying really, really, really hard to figure out how these fossil beds came to be here.  So hard that their story doesn’t make much sense.   So, we spent the whole film ad libbing our own explanation/dialogue.    😀

The kids worked on their Jr. Ranger booklets…

There were several parts to the visitor’s center.   It had the displays of dinosaur fossils and then information and displays about the local rancher who’s ranch this used to be, and then a room of the artifacts that the rancher, James Cook, received as gifts during his longstanding friendship with the local Indians during the late 1800s.

This location had 2 different Jr. Ranger programs – the one for the littles was a scavenger hunt bingo.  Even Molly got to do the program, so she earned TWO badges today.  She was pretty excited about that…After we did the program, and talked with the rangers for a bit, we took a walk up to these cool spiral rock formations – they are actually the fossils of extinct prairie dog/beaver-like animal burrows.  They were pretty neat, but we couldn’t get any good pictures.  :(

It was a nice walk anyway.

With a beautiful viewof a gorgeous sunset.We drove back to Scotts Bluff and spent one more night in the Walmart parking lot (with permission).  The next morning, we took off for Cheyenne.   We were going to spend one night in Cheyenne, but couldn’t find a place to park except for one of the truck stops, which isn’t our fav place to camp.  We decided to head south, and we have been staying with Vaughn’s Uncle and Aunt this weekend over the cold spell.  We will be here until the new tires for the truck arrive either tomorrow or Tues. morning, then we are going to be working our way to warmer climates.  Until then, we are not minding the snow and cold – it’s so worth it to get to spend some time with people we love  <3

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  1. B Beck Rountree says:

    I would love to hear how you ‘do meals’ for your tribe! I am a retired teacher, mom of four, grandmom of 3, and great-grandmom of 3, and even holidays are a huge challenge, although some of mine usually can’t make it every time! I hope you will take one of your blogs and write about how you plan your meals, what you usually have on the menu, and how you can figure out how much to fix to allow for 2nd helpings for those who love a bit extra!
    I’ve been in my RV to most of the places you mention, and have taken any available grandchildren along with me, so I’m reliving some amazing adventures when you post about yours! Thanks so very much for sharing all of your fabulous times!!! It’s amazing, and I do admire you so much for all you do!! Keep up these fabulous posts!! THANK YOU!! If you ever come through Texas, I’d love to host a big picnic and show you around!! Becky

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