Yellowstone National Park (again ;)…

After spending a couple of days in Cody, WY for my sister’s wedding, we drove back through Yellowstone National Park.

The kids finished up their Jr. Ranger books on the drive, both out of the park and to the wedding, and back into the park on our way home.  I thought that they could work on them at the hotel, and they ‘could’ have, but they didn’t.  We stayed with my sister Gayle and her 3 kids, ages 14 to 9, and Jr. Ranger work was the last thing that mine wanted to do.  We stayed at some ‘Sunset’ hotel (details, details…) in Cody, where my sister rented a ‘suite’ – well, the suite was perfect for our little get-together – it slept 15 (or so 😉 ), and was a HOUSE!  Not attached to any part of the hotel, it was a 2-story house!  And who-ever would have been in adjoining rooms, had it been a regular suite, attached at both sides to other rooms, was counting their lucky stars to not be next to our little sleep-over!!!  The kids were bouncing off the walls.  Usually I don’t let my kids get to wound up, but since we had our own ‘house’, and since we wouldn’t be seeing the cousins much more before we left for the summer, well, it was pretty loud.and busy.and fun! ROFL!  yeah, no Jr. Ranger work happened all weekend.

So, it was a mad dash to get those booklets done on our way back into the park.

some of these pics are from our drive through the park when we were going to the wedding.  We stopped at hot pots and steam vents, and saw lots of animals.

We took board walks where we vied for walking space, and the right to walk as slow as we wanted without getting caught in the mad dash of zillions of oriental bus-tourees walking the boardwalks as fast as they could to hop back on their bus to zoom to the next site.  Crazy.   (it was a fantastic reminder why we travel like we the pace that we do. with the plans that we make.(oops, sorry, meant LACK of plans! LOL!)

The park is beautiful in the fall.  It is also beautiful in the spring, and really, the spring is the ideal time to go because there are all the baby animals… but, we enjoyed the park just the same, despite no babies.

We drove past Yellowstone Lake, and there was a group of elk standing in the steam from hot pots right next to the lake.  It was so beautiful.  But, we didn’t stop for a picture.  By then, we were so tired of seeing people (and their cameras) who seemed to think that the elk and bison in YNP were akin to dogs, and that you could just walk right up to them for a close-up portrait.  That was crazy too.  I could never work as a ranger, I definitely lack the people skills to deal with that all day. 😀

(I should have taken a picture of the elderly lady standing on the other side of her car JUST outside of the frame of this picture – you know, parked in the traffic lane on the wrong side of the road…)

We stopped at Fishing Bridge, (view from)which you are no longer allowed to fish from because So Many people started fishing from Fishing Bridge that it was affecting the fish population. 

But the real treat of the visit, was a momma grizzly and her yearling cub, walking Right Next To The Road.

And this was just the beginning – wouldn’t want to pull off on your own side of the road or anything…

we left before it got bad.  or someone got eaten.  you can’t see the people walking on the other side of the cars – or the bears on the other side of the gray van.

They were beautiful, but this is as good of a picture as you get.   :)  I’ll watch from my car, on my side of the road, thanks!

It was a great little bitty road trip!  My sister had a lovely wedding, we had a super fun weekend with the cousins, and the kids FINALLY earned their Yellowstone National Park Jr. Ranger patches!  Maybe next year we’ll get up to Glacier! (hope springs eternal…)ROFL!    As for now, we are planning our escape south…and we are planning on taking a bit of MT wildlife with us 😉

The tribe is busy hunting and harvesting deer, coyotes, and ducks…and making summer sausage to stock the freezer with (only out of the deer, in case you are wondering….  :)  gonna miss Montana, but not the Montana winter that’s coming!

Lilla Rose

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