Little bitty road trip to Yellowstone NP…

Even tho the RV has been parked for the summer, the rest of us haven’t.  Earlier this month (yeah!  I’m into October! LOL!), we took a little bitty road trip.  We went through Three Forks and drove down through Ennis, which is a beautiful drive…

We drove past Quake Lake, and were very bummed that the visitor’s center was closed – it’s really quite an interesting story – Vaughn knows the story much better than I, and I was hoping to stop by the v.c. and check it out – the kids would remember much better with that little stop too…

The quake happened in 1959, and registered 7.3 on the Richter scale.  It caused a massive landslide that covered river-side campgrounds, burying people, as they slept in their rvs and tents.  At least 28 people died from the earthquake, and there is a plaque at the visitor’s center that honors the 19 to 21 people buried by the landslide (the whole mountain slid down, it would be impossible to dig the campgrounds out).

It really is an incredible scene, even now, 53 years later.  This picture is of the lake behind the landslide.  When we came upon the landslide, it was all of the sudden – Vaughn wasn’t with us (nor was Eli or Jake, poor working boys!), so we were surprised and didn’t get any pictures.  It looks much more recent than 53 years ago!

what used to be a river canyon is now a lake as the landslide blocked up  the canyon in a natural dam.

Further upstream, you would never guess what had happened.

Even before you get to Yellowstone NP, the surrounding area is beautiful.

But once you get to Yellowstone, there are so many neat things to see.  Including bison (no, as a matter of fact, they are NOT buffalo).  (yeah, bison are OK, but we got a super-duper treat on the drive home a couple of days later)

We did the southern loop, past Old Faithful, and stopped at the O.F. visitor’s center to pick up…

The boys were rather disgusted that there was a wolf on the J.R. booklets.   When it comes to wolves, we are firm believers in the 3S’s.  If you don’t know, don’t ask – you probably wouldn’t approve! ROFL!

Fortunately we arrived just minutes before Old Faithful was going to erupt, so we grabbed our booklets and headed into the quite chilly outdoors to watch her blow…OF is supposed to go off within 10 minutes either way of her projected eruption time, but it was a LONG wait in the cold because it was 19 minutes late.The next bunch of gaukers didn’t even make it because then OF was 10 minutes early and most of the watchers weren’t outside.The kids thought it was pretty neat – they hadn’t been to YNP before (the bigs had, including Beth, but she didn’t remember, and Thomas and down never had been…) – pretty lame when you live only 4 hours away.   :(

All of the water, that gushed out of the geyser, then came down the incline right under us…

so the kids had to reach down and see if it was still hot after running all that way down nearly frozen ground… 

and it was still warm!

We weren’t, so we beat feet and went back to the visitor’s center to work on our Jr. Ranger booklets.

The kids didn’t finish their J.R. booklets at O.F., but that was OK – we were coming back through the park in a few days and planned to turn them in then.   We had a great day in the park, and saw some beautiful country!  It was a fun little trip, but the kids were anxious to get back on the road and out of the park and on to the hotel – something about staying with the cousins and an aunt getting married…  :)

Lilla Rose

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