Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Cody, WY…

While we were in Cody for my sister’s wedding, we HAD to stop at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center!  If you have never been there, the most important thing that you need to know about it is that is has a massive gun collection!  So, if you know us, you also know that we couldn’t NOT go! LOL!

OK, well, my GUYS were the must go.  We girls ditched the history/gun lesson for shopping! LOL!  Right across the street from the BBHC is a Sierra Trading Post outlet! :)  I had high hopes of getting the little girls new ‘everyday’ shoes, but those hopes were dashed since I have a fetish with Keens (they last forever), and they didn’t have any in Emma and Savanna’s sizes.  Molly did get a new pair of shoes – which she didn’t need…  So much for minimalist shoe buying  :(  …and I got a new jacket and shirt, and Beth a new top, and a few Christmas gifts, and… 😉

But, back to the BBHC… 

Vaughn was busy working, and Eli and Jake couldn’t get time off from their potato harvesting job, so, GREG drove us down!  :)  I have missed having my biggest boy around on our travels, so this was extra fun for me (plus, I got to work on pictures, sight-see, and take pics along the way!!!)

Since Greg is one of my biggest gun nuts, he was all for going to the BBHC – in fact, I think that is the main reason that he came (drove).  He took Thomas, Daniel, and Joel to the musuem with him.

I think that they saw enough guns to satisfy even their gun curiosities…

They had a great time together…

and didn’t lose Greg in the museum, even once.

The BBHC has pretty much anything ‘gun’ related…

we love the western/rugged theme throughout the center…

if we would have had more time, we would have all gone through the museum.  While the guys were only really interested in the firepower part of the center, it does have some ‘traditional musuem’ areas also.

But for my guys, it’s all about the gunpowder.

yeah, they took my camera, per my request, and gun pics are all I got back! LOL!






The BBHC really does have some areas that are focused on western history – it’s not ALL about guns (tho this time for us was).   If you find yourself in NW WY, the Buffalo Bill Historic Center is a must-see!  :)

Lilla Rose

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  1. We’re so glad you had a good time! Love the pics! Any way we could get some for our PR needs? We love having kids in our shots, but don’t often get the chance to get an OK from a parent. We’d be happy to include a credit line for you. Thanks again for a great post!

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