Giant Springs State Park, Great Falls, MT…

 After we went to the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center, we headed just down the road to the Giant Springs State Park, which is a pond fed by natural springs, and there is also a small playground, and a state trout (fish) hatchery.  We arrived after 4:30, because of my lost key fiasco, so we weren’t able to visit the hatchery and feed the huge spawners that are on display.  Usually, you can bring your nickels and buy fish pellets to feed the big male fish that they have in a round tank inbetween the hatchery and the river.   Part of the hatchery is a building wth displays and troughs full of fingerlings too small to place in the outside tank; there is a self-directed tour you can take through the building, but we will have to save that for another day…

Since we were late, we just went for a walk around the springs.  They are now enclosed by a rock wall, with an overflow area that cascades down to the river.  It is a beautiful area, and lots of people go there to take pictures with the springs and foliage as a backdrop.  After we checked out the springs, the littles went to the playground for awhile, (LOL!)  and then it was on the road again.  Too bad it was just back home.   BUT, we were so blessed to get this little treat on the way home…

There were at least 6 Bighorn Sheep walking along the side of the mountain on our drive home.

We are missing being on the road, and our little Monday Tribe Trips are a pleasant distraction from our hosting duties.  Can’t wait for this fall tho!!!

Lilla Rose

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