RV Model – new entertainment center for me! :)

When we bought our 5er, it came with this funky framed-in tv in the master bedroom – while the TV itself had been upgraded, the tacky factory frame was still as ugly as ever.  (time for an RV remodel?)

I asked Vaughn if he could do something about it for me  :)

So, one day a couple of weeks ago, when he had some extra time, he tore out the frame and enlarged the opening in the wall.     

He took off extra paneling to the side of the frame so that he could run the wiring in the wall, to come out right next to and behind the TV, and it would no longer be an eyesore.  He framed in an electrical box and a cord connection box in the side wall he built.

He next took out the back of the wall, which was in the bathroom, behind the sink, and on which the medicine chest was mounted.  We got rid of the chest, and as I found new homes for the items that were stored back there, I was reminded that, even living in such a small space, things seem to accumulate, and I ended up file 13ing quite a bit of stuff  :)

I asked him to keep this project small because I knew that if he built me a whole wall of built in bookcases around the tv, like he offered to, that I would fill them (which would OVER fill our GVW).  This is what he came up with to replace the old TV storage eyesore.   I’m liking this a lot better…

No more trying to slip between the end of the bed and that bulky frame without catching your shoulder, and it matches the rest of the coach.  I would like to paint some of the rv, but to be honest, I LIKE brown, and I like wood grain (even if it is fake).

I love the new built-in ‘entertainment center’.  The only problem with doing little mods like this is that they make me want to find more things to ‘fix’. or redecorate. maybe replace the furniture.  😉    And Vaughn thought he was leaving those chores behind when we left the house behind.  LOL!

Lilla Rose

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  1. very nice remodel. Think both of us are lucky that we have husbands who can do remodels….lol

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