Pea Ridge National Battlefield, AR…

After spending the night in the Joplin, MO Walmart, we got up the next morning and drove down into Arkansas to visit the Pea Ridge National Battlefield.¬† This would be our first time stepping foot (or driving tire) into Arkansas, but since we were only going for the day, and not spending the night, we haven’t put the AR state sticker on the USA map on the back of the 5er… saving that for next year ūüėȬ†¬†¬† We did however, buy a Pea Ridge bumper sticker, which we DID put on the back of the toy hauler¬† :)

We packed a lunch, and spent most of the day visiting the park. 
There was a nice, but small visitor’s center, which had a neat theatre featuring a flick about the battle that happened at Pea Ridge, and there was also a gift shop.

There were neat displays…

And we can’t forget the powerful hand dryers in the ladies room… it pasted Molly’s hair back, and after she got over the initial shock¬†of how powerful it was, and got her breath back,¬†it was her favorite part of the visitor’s center…¬†¬† I’m sure the ranger was wondering just what was going on in there with all the Molly squeals coming from the bathroom!

After finishing the part of the Jr. Ranger booklets that the kids could do in the museum, it was off to take the driving tour…

There is a short (very short) walk out to an overlook…

Which we would have never guessed was there… and it was¬†a neat stop with a beautiful view!

There were several information plaques (sponsored by no¬†others than Walmart and Sam’s Club – who knew they cared about preservation???), one of which told how some soldiers took refuge in the rock labyrinth below, which then became a death trap.

The kids had to do an activity on cannons.  Guess Emma found her answers.

And there is an old home on the property.¬† Looked neat on the inside; don’t know if it is permanently closed or if they open it up for ranger-led tours during the busy season…

We love all the green!¬† This was such a beautiful park.¬† ‘Course, this whole part of the country is beautiful.¬†well, except the ticks.¬†ALL those ticks.¬†they can keep the ticks.¬†ticks aren’t so beautiful…

Wished we had more time here – we (well, I) would have loved to walk the park more than we got to.

The kids turned in their booklets back at the visitor’s center and¬†earned their Pea Ridge badge,¬†then we hit the road again.¬†
Little did we know that Pea Ridge would be our last National Park of the trip.  :( 
But, we had our soldier boy, and we were determined to have a fab rest of our trip before we parked for the summer!  (which we did! Рhave a nice drive that is)

Currently, our dilemma is: to Camp Host, or Not to Camp Host—that is the question.?.

Lilla Rose

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