Bass Pro Shops in Springfield, MO…

After heading out from Fort Wood and Waynesville, MO, we didn’t get far – just to Springfield, MO, where we found THE Bass Pro Shops.

A fun stop to see all sorts of mounted animals and interesting ‘shops’…

and all underwater!
I loved the part of the store that is designed to make it look like you are underwater.  The ceiling is painted like water, there is the bottom of a john boat sticking down about a foot, and there are all sorts of mounted fish, ducks, alligator, and turtles hanging from the ceiling.  I loved the bare legs and little bare feet of a boy hanging down into the water – you can faintly make out his cane pole in the reflection shown on the water, and his bobber rests on the water with a hook and worm hanging down ‘underwater'; with a fish about to take the bait.

The littles loved the turtle tank…

even these soft-shell turtles – they look like they have pancakes on their backs! LOL!

Fun stop – more interesting boondocking than Walmart 😉

Lilla Rose

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