Shiloh National Battlefield…

One of the main reasons that we chose to stay at the park in Tennessee that we did, (well, besides it being $3/night), was that it was close to Shiloh National Battlefield. 

We have been visiting quite a few Civil War Battlefield on this trip, and since this year is part of the Sesquicentennial (150th anniversary) of the C.W., we have been able to see and do some extra special things, as well as collect some limited edition anniversary badges and patches.

We love learning more about the Civil War, so there was no way that we could be in the area and NOT visit SHILOH!!!

First thing, we picked up our Jr. Ranger booklets, and watched a informative movie; I love all the movies that we have been watching on the C.W. – sometimes it’s hard to keep all the battles and events in order, but these films really help the kids (and me!;) to understand it all.  So far, they have been very factual and show both sides of the conflict.
In the visitor’s center there was a great museum where the kids could try on costumes…

I managed to make one couple very angry (she thought that I shouldn’t be using my flash even though the park allows it (it wasn’t posted and I asked the ranger)-of course I took extra pictures for her benefit ;), we watched a film about the events at Shiloh, and there were lots of great displays…

Later, we did the driving tour and followed the different battles on the field and looked at the memorials…(tho the little girls were more interested in the prolific caterpillars that were all over the memorials)…

The kids had to do part of their Jr. Ranger booklet on the grounds, so we stopped in lots of different areas of the park.

It is such a beautiful area!!!  We are in love with all the green!

Shiloh church (from which the name of the battlefield comes) is still in use today.  It is quite an interesting building; part of the building is made of rock and mortar, but wasn’t completed;
later it was finished with bricks…

We saw some deer and lots of turkeys in the park.  The visitor’s center closes at 5, but the grounds are open until 11, so we did the drive after hours.  (early evening so the animals were out)

When we got to Shiloh, we found out that the Corinth Battlefield (in MS) wasn’t as far away as we had thought, so we decided to take that in the same afternoon also (unplanned).  After spending an hour or so at Shiloh, we drove to Corinth and checked out their incredible visitor’s center(SO glad we went!); we spent so long there (another post) that we didn’t get the Shiloh J.R. program done before the Shiloh V.C. closed.
The kids worked on their booklets as we explored the park that evening after returning from Corinth…
It was kind of nice knowing that we couldn’t get the books done in time anyway, and would have to mail them in, so we took our time checking out all the grounds while the kids worked on the books…
Shiloh was such a beautiful place to visit!  As usual, we didn’t feel like we had enough time to explore it as much as we would have liked!  But we are determined to get back here!  Next time, with time to spare, right???

Lilla Rose

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  1. I remember going there as a kid…loved it!!!

  2. Dana,I am shopping for a camera….so I thought I would ask what do you use?? Thanks~Chasity

    • Chasity – I have a Nikon D5000 (which has since been replaced by the D5100). I love it. I bought it at Costco 3 years ago; it came with 2 separate lenses, and I would love to upgrade to an 18-300…

    • Thank you!! I was looking at a Nikon vs Canon. I think I know which one I want then I research more, hahaha. I have a point and shoot that I love, but need more for distance. I take all the pics for the ministry…so I need a more powerful camera. Now I am going to google yours, ha. I am leaning toward the Nikon based on what it has verus the canon in the same price range. Thank you again!!!!

  3. I can’t believe how close you were to us!! I’m totally bummed that we didn’t get to meet.
    :-(((! We love Shiloh – my son was/is a huge Civil War buff and has always loved going there. It is so very peaceful, awe inspiring, and extremely sad all at the same time.

    • Kerri – I totally agree with your insight as to how Shiloh makes you feel.
      I wish that we could have met! We are being a bit unsocial right now (LOL!) as we found that we have to be back home early (in a week and a half), and are trying to squish in as much touristing as we can 😀
      We really want to come back to the east/southeast FIRST next fall so we are not so rushed! Hopefully we will get a chance to meet up then! :)

  4. I found you via googling Shiloh TN. We plan on visiting in a month, glad to hear you had a good time. We don’t camp or own an RV, did you see and decent places to stay?

  5. Hi Georgie!
    We LOVED Shiloh, but I almost think that we enjoyed Corinth more – maybe because it was an unexpected bonus 😉
    I’m afraid that we don’t pay any attention to hotels since we never stay in them. I wish that I could give you some recommendations :(
    I hope you have a wonderful visit!

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