Corinth National Military Park, Mississippi…

When we visited Shiloh, we found out that there was another Civil War battlefield quite near.  The Corinth NMP is actually part of the Shiloh park system, but they have their own Jr. Ranger program and badge. 
Corinth is a half hour drive from Shiloh, and they have a beautiful visitor’s center…
I don’t know that my kids have ever found the walk to a visitor’s center so interesting.  It took us quite a while to walk up the sidewalk because it (the the sidewalk that is) was full of fun ‘artifacts’ to discover and examine…
Because of the mild weather, spring has sprung a bit early here, and there are beautiful flowers everywhere we go.
We checked out all the sidewalk stuff on the way in, and then the kids came back out and checked it all out again because they had to draw some of it in their J.R. booklets.
The visitor’s center was beautiful on the inside also.  Very well kept and tastefully done.
This room was fashioned as a railroad box that was shipping war supplies.  Because so many of the battles in the area, and specifically Corinth, were over the railroad lines, there were other displays  that focused around the rails too – like the mock railroad tracks that were formed into the floor just outside this room.

there was a little film on the area’s happenings…

The museum chronicles the siege, battle, and occupation of Corinth, which was a crossroads for 2 railroad lines.   Besides the military side of Corinth’s part in the Civil War, we also learned about the Contraband Camp that the US forces set up after May of 1862 – the force of union soldiers occupying Corinth was a draw to slaves, who would escape and find refuge with the union forces; especially after the Emancipation Proclamation authorized freedom for all slaves.

back in the rail car, where there is a map that lays out the battles in chronological order…

Molly isn’t so much into the Jr. Ranger program (she would really like to be, and keep asking for a J.R. vest (have to work on that this summer) she just really isn’t old enough to do it), so Bethy took her out back to check out the memorial, which didn’t go over so great since she doesn’t really get the whole ‘showing respect’ at a memorial and thought she should get to play in the water.

In back of the Visitor’s Center is a war memorial.  Once you understand all the symbolism built into the memorial, it is actually very interesting to look at .  At the top of the memorial is a tablet with an inscription and is meant to signify the birth of the US.  Next is water flowing down a gradual slope, signifying the growth of the US, to the reflection pool at the end which says “The Civil War was fought over issues of Liberty:  The cost was high, and many issues remain to be resolved”,    In between the water fountain and  the pool are blocks stacked in the middle, with year makers lining the sides.

The blocks are marked with the names of C.W. battles, and are placed within the timeline the year markers signify.  There are a couple of interesting things about the blocks – you’ll notice that the blocks are different sizes – the bigger the block, the greater the causalities of the battle.  Also, did you know that many of the battles had 2 different names(?); often the North would call a battle by one name, and the South would call the same battle by a different name.  When there were 2 different names for the same battle, the blocks have one name on one side and the other name on the opposite side.  One of the little kids Jr. Ranger activities was to match different names for the same battle up by looking at the different sides of the blocks (which would have been a really fun activity had the kids been able to climb all over the blocks to find the different names out, but we thought that may be a bit inappropriate, so they stationed one kid on one side and another kid on another side and yelled back and forth over the noise of the water and traffic…). 

No Civil War battlefield would be complete without cannons…

We thought that Corinth NMP was so interesting!  The buildings and displays are well thought out and well kept.  The kids loved earning an unplanned badge, and we really enjoyed our time visiting here (maybe even more than Shiloh!).  We did Shiloh and Corinth in the same day, so we really felt like we didn’t have enough time for either, and would love to go back to each when we have more time to enjoy each separately. 
But, time (and Greg’s graduation from basic and AIT) wait for no man, and we have a schedule to keep (hate that!).  We are excited to see our oldest son, and we are squishing in as much touristing as we can to make the time pass quicker! 

Lilla Rose

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