Valentine's Day on the road…

while we were in AZ.
Bethy and Aunt Carol made cake balls… they are made from cake, frosting, and chocolate. Yummy!!! These ones were carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Bethy now has a rainbow chip cake mix and frosting that she is going to make cake balls for us with. Can’t wait!
We sat around and visited :)
Eli with Uncle Larry and Uncle Eldon… (Uncle Larry LOVES having his picture taken. ~and he has a whole year to get over being mad at me for putting it on here :)
our way-too-big baby…

We celebrated Daddy’s birthday… (he got a new guitar case since the little girls had trashed the last one using it as a step to get up on our bed! )

…Caleb was still too little for German Chocolate cake and ice cream… :(

And we celebrated Valentine’s Day. late.
At our house, we have always celebrated Valentine’s Day on the day after Valentine’s Day. We have our own special V day on the 14th! It is Vaughn’s birthday. So, when we were a young family, and couldn’t spare the $5 per child to buy them each a disgustingly overpriced tiny cardboard heart box with 3 chocolates in it, I took the kids aside and we ‘decided’ 😉 that we did not want daddy to have to share his birthday with Valentine’s Day. And since we certainly didn’t want daddy to have to wait for his birthday, we would have dad’s b-day on the 14th and have Valentine’s Day the day after. And then, on the 15th, the day AFTER Valentine’s Day, when daddy would be coming home from work, he would stop at the store and pick up some Valentine’s Day chocolate for the kids; because at half price those cardboard heart boxes with 3 pieces of chocolate were not quite SO overpriced.
The kids have long since figured out mom’s cheap valentine’s trick, but celebrating V.D. on the 15th is now tradition in this house, and the kids wouldn’t have it any other way. Daddy could care less if he has to share his birthday with Valentine’s Day, but the rest of us do! LOL!
So, the morning after daddy’s birthday, Bethy and I drove the 3 miles to Walmart to pick up those half price Valentines 😉 and the little kids spent the morning making valentines; we now have a plethora of Cars2 pencils, kitten stickers, and paper airlplanes flying around the house.
For V.D., Vaughn and I went out to eat at the Asian Buffet that is near Larry and Carol’s house; best buffet ever! ramen noodles (which they think is a treat because they only get to make it if mom is gone since she thinks it is nasty! LOL!)
Getting to eat some of that Valentine’s Day candy made some of the kids very happy…

and getting to eat SOME of that Valentine’s Day candy made some people NOT very happy…
as in, what do you mean I can’t eat ALL of it… :( LOL!

I can’t tell you what I love the most about my family. Maybe it’s just that they are MY family.
We don’t have it all together, but together we have it all. :)
Lots of Valentine Love from our family to yours

Lilla Rose

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  1. Happy Birthday Vaughn. And Happy VD to all of you. Best time to shop is the day after.

  2. Lovely!!!!!!

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