more from the Clark County Shooting Range in Las Vegas…

This year we are getting a little spoiled. The last 2 years, we have found ourselves staying at a lot of Walmarts and state parks because so many campgrounds won’t let us rent a site because there are so many of us. This year we bought a Thousand Trails campground membership, and we have stayed in their parks almost exclusively, and have become quite used to having full hookups every night. It was no different when we were at the Clark County Shooting Range in Las Vegas, but after leaving the shooting range, we headed south and stopped off in Quartzsite, AZ for a few nights to hopefully meet up with a few other families that fulltime RV.

This is our 3rd stop off in Q – we have spent a few days here each year, each year for different reasons. The first year we came not knowing what to expect, but everyone said that we “had to check out Quartzsite – there is nothing like it”, and they were right, there is nothing like it. We came the first year during Dec, when it wasn’t very busy, parked out in the boonies, and went through some of the vendor areas. We used it as a base to take a day trip into CA to visit the General Patton Museum and the Joshua Tree National Park. But, we had places to go and people to see, and found that while Quartzsite offered a free place to park for a few days, there wasn’t much attraction in it for our family.

Last year, we stopped off later in the season, thinking that maybe it would be of more interest when there were more RVers here, but found that it was still not for us. We did appreciate the shops tho, especially the RV parts stores, and we picked up a couch for the garage of the toy hauler (which we used for 8 months or so – a dozen in an RV means continual revamping to find what works best).

This year we find ourselves back in Quartzsite yet again. This time we came with a mission, to meet some other families that fulltime RV. And we had a great day at the park meeting 4 of those families yesterday. We moms sat and gabbed while the girls all played on the playground and the guys were on the basketball court.
Anyway, all that to say that we are in Quartzsite, and we find ourselves dry camping again. No hookups whatever. We filled up with 110 gallons of water before we left the shooting range, made sure our waste tanks were empty, and stopped at Costco on our way out of LV to make sure that we wouldn’t have to buy groceries in Q where they would be more expensive…

And while camping in Q has been fine, and definitely worth ‘roughing it’ to meet new friends, I find myself having to remember to charge the laptops and cell phones through the inverter in the van (or should I say finding myself FORGETTING to charge…)
And every time I go to catch up the blog, I don’t get very far… (partially charged batteries…)
So, pictures are way back from the shooting range, a whopping week ago :(

The kids worked on their form and accuracy…

Greg shot quite a few rounds through his pistol and Dad and Eli’s ARs. He is anxious to get to the ‘shooting’ part of Basic.

Bethy got new pink shooting glasses and earplugs in her stocking. She got to break them in while Eli supervised :)

We will be pulling out of Q bright and early tomorrow (that means about 10 for us! ;) and heading to meet a few other families. Our next stop will be full hookups again (oh joy!), so I’ll work on catching this thing up! If I get more than a day or two behind, I have to look at the calendar to remember when we did what! LOL!

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  1. I’m so sad. We just left Q this morning. I would loved to have stopped by and said hi. We like the social aspect of Q more than anything else.

  2. Has you family been to Calico Ghost Town, Ghost Town Road, Yermo, CA? It’s near Barstow. We stayed there on our trip in 2010. It is a San Bernadino County park with rv hookups. It is an old silver mining town with very interesting rock formaitons. The kids enjoyed climbing the rocks so much we are going to stay again this June on our cross country trip.

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