Hoover Dam…

We did do a few ‘touristy’ things while Greg was ‘home’ for 2 weeks. One of the places that we went to was the…
Now that the new bridge is open, you can drive over the dam to visit, but it is not a through road anymore.

It took us quite awhile to get to the dam since traffic was backed up from the security checkpoint halfway back to the highway. Since we drive a big ole 15 pass van, we got pulled over at the security checkpoint. They wanted to see inside, so Vaughn opened the back doors so they could check behind the seats. I opened up the sliding door where the kids were all taking off their seatbelts to get out so the officers could check the van – they took one look and said,’ that’s OK – you can go…’. I told them that they just didn’t want to have to dig through all our junk. He just laughed and walked to the next car.

They really didn’t want to. LOL!

I don’t blame them.

I don’t want to either. 10 (make that 11 since Greg was home) kids with all their ‘stuff’ that they need for car trips, add in diaper bags, snacks, water bottles, power cords for laptops, cameras, phones… It’s about time to pay a couple of the kids to clean it out!!! :)

Anyway, we got to see Hoover Dam – Vaughn and various kids had been over it 3 times over the past 2 years between taking our old camper back to MT for it’s new owners, and with ortho trips (SO glad we aren’t doing that anymore!) But, the rest of us hadn’t ever seen it.

Now we can say that we have and move on…

We probably would have liked it better had we NOT gone during Christmas break!

All the parking lots were full, even the pay ones, the dam was very crowded, and the police and security officers had their hands full with people parking were they weren’t supposed to, jaywalkers, people putting their kids up on the wall for pictures…

We were going to stop and check it out, but we ended up driving over and up to the top of the hill on the other side, were we noticed this little hideout on the top of the hill overlooking the dam…

Now we are all wondering what they need a ‘pill box’ there for???

Checked it out, used the very nasty porta-potties in the parking lot (I have learned to always take Clorox wipes with me when the kids have to use the bathrooms – can’t stand the thought of them touching even the door handles let alone… – get some weird looks, but I’m good with that…), and then we drove back to Las Vegas and found and In n’ Out Burgers (which we don’t have at home).

Now we can say that we went to Hoover Dam – which is not a real National Park, and does NOT have a Jr. Ranger program. :(

Greg flew back to Basic on Tues, and we have moved on – we pulled into Quartzsite this afternoon, and hope to meet up with some other Families on the Road. And Beth wants to see if the Amazon recruiters are here yet – she would like to try working for Amazon (which means that Eli and Vaughn probably would also) after they do potatoes next fall… We’ll see – the big kids want to check out work-kamping a bit more, and we’re game if they are :)

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