hiking Ice Box Canyon in Red Rock Canyon National Park…

We enjoyed our visit to Red Rock Canyon so much that the guys went back the next day – on the agenda: hiking Ice Box Canyon…

It was chilly enough that they needed jackets – especially in the cool shade of the canyon.

The 2.6 mile hike is rated moderate for it’s ‘tricky rock scrambling’ and 300 foot gain. The hike is supposed to take 2 hours, but the guys did it in 1.5, and that included some exploring.

I hear 😉 hiking Ice Box Canyon was a stunningly beautiful hike, and we would like to do some further exploring another trip.
They enjoyed getting the chance to ‘get out’ with Greg while he was home for a couple of weeks.

Lilla Rose

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  1. Sounds like you are really having a great time while Greg is home. That two hour hike would probably take me two days. So I always appreciate it when people take such great pictures for me.

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