Clark County Shooting Range, Nevada…

Last year we were able to stay at the Clark County Shooting Range in Las Vegas. Not really IN L.V., but on the outskirts of town at the base of the foothills. It is not necessarily pretty country, but we enjoy the wide open spaces, and the nearby neighborhoods seem to be pretty nice (no graffiti, garbage, junk cars…). AND, it’s very near a Costco and Target, which earns brownie points in my book (we have a 9 sq. ft. fridge – like it or not, grocery shopping is a very common errand in our house! ;). The range has an 80 site campground – $20/night for full hookups – they are HUGE sites, but it is just a big, level, gravel parking lot. It is a requirement that if you are staying there that you are shooting at the range some (doesn’t have to be every day). We moved there last Friday and stayed through Wednesday.

The guys went to do a night shoot on Friday night, but it ended up being too late to get in on the last shoot. For safety reasons, there are only certain times that you can go in to start shooting.

The range charges $7 per person per day to use the rifle/handgun range; it’s the only one we use, but they also have shotgun and archery ranges also. BUT, one of the things that endears us to this range is that kids under 18 shoot FREE! That was a pleasant surprise to us last year, and we had forgotten that, so it was a pleasant surprise again this year! :) And, as an added bonus, when we had been out Christmas shopping, we picked up a few coupons for CCSR at Walmart – there was a pile of them on the ammo counter (they keep their ammo behind bars here!?!), so the range fees were only $5 for Vaughn and Greg :)

Saturday Vaughn and the boys went up to the range…
They had a good time…

But I think that they have about as much fun taking their guns apart and cleaning them – they were outside in the beautiful Nevada sunshine talking and laughing for hours…

I guess that especially warmed my heart to see all my big guys together once again. :)

Lilla Rose

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  1. We stayed at that campground so Jim could site in his new gun. I loved the view from up there but it is definitely out of town a ways.

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