Celebrating birthdays on the road – Bethy's turn!!!

Last week, while we were in Cottonwood, AZ, enjoying the company of 4 other fulltime families, we…


(yeah, I can’t believe it either!)
There really wasn’t anything that she wanted to do to celebrate her birthday, so I drug her out of the house and we went shopping.
Cottonwood is just a blip of a town, but we had a ball together! Just us. and Caleb. but he doesn’t count yet because he still pretty much just eats and sleeps, so he didn’t mind us dragging him all over town.
We went to Goodwill where Bethy found a pair of (new) shoes, and I found 2 outfits for a quickly-growing Caleb. Then we hit Dairy Queen for a Pecan Mud Slide for Beth and a vanilla malt for mom.
Next was the Dollar Tree – Beth has this fettish for dollar stores (which I loathe!), so she shopped at the DT while I popped in next-door to a used kids clothing store (which she loathes! ;).
After that, we ran across the street to her favorite store, Cato. The first year we traveled, the big girls found them while we were down south – we would overnight in Walmart parking lots sometimes, and often there would be a Cato in a little mall bordering the parking lot. Hannah and Beth would go shopping together there, often finding pretty denim skirts. We were surprised to see a Cato this far north, so we had to stop in and browse for a bit. Bethy was on the phone with her BFFs from MT who had called to wish her a happy birthday, so she didn’t notice when I had the girl working there sneak selling me a gift card (thanks for keeping her occupied girls 😉 …
…Beth LOVES gift cards.
and cheesecake. and hair stuff. (and she got a few other little gifts too…).
We both enjoyed spending the afternoon together laughing and joking and shopping. She loved the bag of ‘treasures’ that she found at the dollar store, and I loved the 99 cent baby clothes at Goodwill, and we both loved the time that we spent together.
She is an incredible young lady.daughter.sister.friend.
Happy 16th birthday to our wonderful daughter! (I love you girl!)

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  1. Happy Birthday to her!!! My oldest dd LOVES Cato. SHe recieved a gift card at Christmas. (We have yet to go to one….must correct, ha)

  2. Happy Birthday Bethany..even though this is a little late.

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