getting ready for Christmas in an RV park…

Today was a rather eclectic day! For us northerners, Christmas time usually means parkas and sleds and hot cocoa in front of a fire.
This afternoon it didn’t feel as tho Christmas is a mere 6 days away!
Today we checked into our 4th Thousand Trails park, this one we are scheduled to be in for the next 11 days (trying to extend it to 14, waiting for someone else to cancel…). Once the kids figured out that it had a heated pool that is still open (as they are getting a big group in over Christmas), and not caring that even tho it is heated it is still an outdoor pool, the Rubbermaid totes of swimsuits and beach towels were unearthed and distributed. The parks in CA had outdoor pools also, but they were all closed for the winter.
Nevermind that it was 4pm and the temp was already dropping, within minutes we were on our way to the pool – we did get some raised eyebrows from some of the snowbirds; those that were outside were wearing jackets! LOL!

For the record, Caleb and I were the only ones that didn’t get in the pool. But everyone else had a great time and stayed in for well over an hour.

Bethy loves it when I take her picture 😉
We did already get in trouble :( for letting the little girls in the hot tub even tho their daddy was with them and there wasn’t anyone else using, or wanting to use the hot tub…
Our neighbors on one side are really nice, and we have yet to meet the others, but hope that they are nice (and not already mad at us because the parked van overlaps into their site about a foot). We know that our numbers can be intimidating, and we know that some of the other campers just cringe when our tribe all pours out of the van when we arrive at a new spot – we want to be, try to be, the kind of neighbors that when we leave, they will think, at the worst, ‘well, that wasn’t so bad’ – or hopefully, even come over and say, “you can camp next to us anytime” (like the folks we met at Russian River TT park).
Between getting booted from the hot tub, having to park in our neighbors site, and an unusually high percentage of grumpy faces here, we would still love to make a good impression, but right now we are just going for not getting kicked out of the park.
I visited with a few ladies in the ‘community center’ while the kids swam, and also got the laundry caught up.
After dinner, we put in a Bing Crosby Christmas cd, Eli set up the tree, and…
the kids decorated. Eli and Beth put garland up around the slides, and the other kids decorated the tree.
Even baby Caleb got in on the act…
The kids unwrapped mini candy canes and put them on the tree also, but we may have to take them down – Caspian (the cat) won’t stay off the table now as he climbs up to lick them.
The kids had a good time decorating the tree…
Tho Molly was a little out of sorts that the tree got all the little candy canes and she didn’t get any (yet)…
After decorating the tree, we sat around eating warm from our little oven Triple Chunk brownies and watched Holiday Inn. (we are saving the best Christmas movies until Greg gets here)
Thank goodness that we have Wednesday to look forward to – Greg flies in then, and we are all so excited(!!!)
otherwise, those 6 days until Christmas might seem like a very, very long time…

Lilla Rose

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  1. Can you post a pic of your campsite?

  2. Love your tree. Must be a challenge to hide presents, though, especially while still making them.

  3. I hope your family has a very Merry Christmas!!!

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