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We have been having a wonderful time with both Christmas and having Greg visit us for a couple of weeks. But, Las Vegas just isn’t somewhere that I feel super comfortable, and we probably won’t be in a big hurry to get back here (especially since the TT campground here does NOT have candy bar bingo! LOL! ;), so while we are here we wanted to be sure to check out the surrounding points of interest (at least interesting for us) since we aren’t sure how long it might be before we return.

On the 27th we drove out to…
While the Red Rock Canyon NCA covers a large area, nearly 200 thousand acres, there is a very pleasant 13 mile drive that winds through a easily accessible and scenic area of the park. Since the RRC is maintaned by BLM, we were able to use our National Parks National Access Pass to get in for free.

First stop, the visitor’s center of course!

We had Jr. Ranger booklets to pick up (with a few minor protests from a few of the boys reminding me that we were on Christmas break – too bad! -insert evil laugh… :)and the visitor’s center to check out. It seemed to be a fairly new building, and it had a few hands on activities like big microscopes where you could check out things such as pollen and insect wings. The littles also did some petroglyph rubbings, and they all liked the chuckwalla…
We found out that the park will eventually have a Jr. Ranger program, but it’s not completely written yet, so the littles had to settle for a scavenger hunt, and were appeased because even tho they didn’t get to earn badges, they did get to keep the cute little RRC pencils (which are currently all scattered under seats in the van…)

Out back of the visitor’s center is a little courtyard that has all sorts of educational displays, and the kids’ scavenger hunt was here.

The littles had to find all sorts of animals that were scattered through this area; pictures on displays and also statues.
The whole area was very nicely done.

After a picnic lunch in the parking lot, we did the drive through the Calico Hills. The rock formations are beautiful! Some are a solid, vivid red, others are white or grey, some are verigated pinks and reds in randomess and in repetitive streaks.

After driving through most of the park, we decided to stop and explore Lost Creek Canyon. We got out at Willow Springs picnic area, and went to check it out…
Molly was a little freaked out that Eli was up so high, so she yelled at him to come down, “EI, DET DOWN HEAH”.
And offered to catch him…
It was fun to run around in the rocks.

After dragging Greg around a bit more, and just being ‘together’ for one more week, he might just be ready to head back to basic for a little bit of R&R! LOL!!!

We ended up at the 3rd parking lot up Lost Creek. We parked right in front of the picnic tables and sidewalk.

And I’m telling you this because right straight back fron all the picnic table is a rock wall of sorts.

And on this rock wall is where the kids spent nearly all their time here. Because…they found this killer cave. and wouldn’t leave.

SO, if you head to Red Rock Canyon, you have to stop at the 3rd parking lot up Lost Creek, walk back behind the picnic tables, and ‘scale’ this little bit of rock at the bottom to climb up where Thomas is in the picture (green jacket)…
Emma climbed it herself and Peanut certainly would have if her legs were a wee bit longer – as it was, she found her own way up because she’s determined like that. Molly, um, No. She just stayed below…

Then, just behind Thomas, and to the left (looking on), is the entrance to a cave. If you crawl into it, cuz my kids do that stuff, it opens up into a room.

And, coolest, the kids found a ‘secret passageway’, another entrance into the cave from above. They weren’t the first to find it of course – some kind earlier spelunker had left a rope tied from above to aid climbers coming after. After you climb the rope, you are on a little ledge or something, and there is a “chain” (didn’t ask and don’t want to know 😉 to help you climb the rest of the way…

So, since we have boys, and boys will be boys, and said boys had to conquer every inch of the cave, we spent about 2 hours here.

Good thing those guys go everywhere prepared with all sorts of gadgets – they had flashlights (take a flashlight if you want to explore the cave…). Tho it wouldn’t have been 2 hours cool without the flashlights…
Peanut of course was right in the middle of it all, tho we didn’t let her climb inside the cave. She was bummed.LOL!

Red Rock was a very pretty stop. And while Las Vegas isn’t what I would call a family friendly place, I think that we will be back to visit Red Rock again – once they get their Jr. Ranger program in place of course :)

Lilla Rose

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