One Very Sweet Stop… the Jelly Belly factory tour!

When we stayed at our first Thousand Trails park, Russian River near Cloverdale, one of the papers that they gave us highlighted local attractions. I loved that they had already rounded them up for us!

Right away we noticed that the Jelly Belly factory tour was on the list!
Now, we hadn’t particularly been looking for the JB factory to tour, but since we had been enjoying their beans during long drives ever since we left home, a tour of the factory sounded like a timely field trip! Besides, it was free. When you usually have to pay for 12 admissions everywhere you go, you get pretty fond of free. :)

Because it was about an hour and a half from the park, we decided to make our stop on the way out – so last Saturday we stopped at the JB factory for an afternoon tour.
The factory has quite the tourist thing going – free tours to get you in the door, but just like the Tillamook Cheese Factory in Oregon, they suck you into the gift shop and it ends up being a rather expensive tour after all! LOL!
The factory has a diner, an ice cream bar, a fun gift shop, and even a bargain shop.

And, this must have been Eli’s day because wonder of wonders, they even had a penny squisher (actually, they had 2!)….
And, more fun for Eli, they had hats in the gift shop! Eli LOVES hats! He REALLY, REALLY wanted to buy this one…
Um, yeah, I talked him out of it.
But, I had to share this great picture with you anyway. I told him that I was going to put it on the blog (kidding), but he just said he didn’t care, so I really am!!!
I love that my kids all have such a great sense of humor!!! We have a lot of fun together! :)
Anyway, while we were waiting in line for the Jelly Belly factory tour, (and the ladies in front of us were giving us the ‘eye’, really trying to figure out the dynamics of our group because they surely cannot all be our kids), we were checking out the bean art – the pictures in the foyer (and more in the production areas) are made up of jelly beans! There are between 10 and 14 THOUSAND jelly beans in each picture!
My fav jelly bean art was a picture dedicated to Jimmy Doolittle’s Raiders, but it was hanging in the production area, and you are not allowed to take pictures in there for the privacy of the workers. There weren’t any workers making jelly beans while we were there because we went on the weekend; jelly beans (and lots of other candy) are produced Mon – Fri 24 hours a day, but the machines and employees are given a break on the weekends (but pics are still not allowed). So, if you go for a tour, it’s a better (but much louder) tour on during the week as you can see the machinery in use, not just on the video monitors (but you gets lots of samples either time ;).
It was a fun stop, and we picked up a few bags of JB Belly Flops – belly flops are the misshapen jelly beans that are purged from the perfect beans – they are not up to par for the Jelly Belly logo stamp, but we thought they were a lot of fun, and have more personality than the perfect Jelly Bellys :)
And thanks to all those Jelly Bellys, Molly has her colors down pretty well. She insists on telling Bethy, who sits next to her in the van, the color of each one she has before she eats it. At first, most of her colors were wrong, so Beth would correct her – now she is pretty good at naming the right color. Her favorite are the blue Berry Blue ones. :)
Fun stop!
Caleb slept through the 40 minute tour. He is already a month old! He is a great little traveler, and of course we all adore him!

He is such a good baby, and is already getting too big too fast!

I’ve been too busy enjoying my babies to blog much lately. Hoping to get better about staying caught up (especially for you Gramma! ;).

Lilla Rose

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  1. Caleb is so sweet!! And we love the Jelly Belly factory and always get bags of flops for us and for quite a few others. Glad you had time to stop and enjoy it.

  2. Oh we love Jelly Bellys. We will have to put this on our to do list when we get out west.

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