Crabbing on the Oregon coast…

Crabbing on the Oregon coast…
One of the reasons that we spent an entire month on the Oregon coast the first year that we hit the road was because we loved all the activities out here. Besides being enraptured with the coast simply for the ocean’s sake (only Vaughn and Greg had been to the ocean before, 2 years ago…), we loved all the activities that the shoreline offered. One of those activities the guys fully embraced…
was crabbing (and clamming, but we haven’t gotten to that yet this year). So much so that after that initial day of renting crab pots to try out crabbing, my DH took back the rentals and bought his own.

And we have toted them all over the US with us, including back here this year! Besides the 3 crab rings that the guys bought that first year, we also have some box traps that a good friend gave the kids (there isn’t a lot of demand/use for crab traps in MT).
Vaughn took the boys crabbing both Friday and Saturday, and God blessed. Probably sounds corny, but really, they caught way more than anyone around them including people right next to them using the same bait even…
and they guys are starting to feel like they have the hang of it – they knew what to buy for bait, and that if you leave your pots to soak too long, the crab check them out and move on – leaving them in too long is worse than not leaving them in long enough!
Friday they caught 25 ‘keepers’ (they have to be males of a certain width or you have to throw them back), and Saturday they caught 12 more before giving their spot to another family. We put 4 gallon bags of cleaned crab halves in the freezer for when Greg comes to spend his Christmas break with us (the other half is full of venison snack sticks for the same purpose), we ate the rest :)
The guys spent most of their time checking the pots; pulling in the traps to check for crabs, sizing the ones in the pots – saving the keepers and throwing back the females and little ones, and rebaiting the bait bags (a mesh bag that they put turkey legs in that is attached to the middle of the pot. The boys were able to sneek a bit of time here and there to check out the local wildlife, including collecting a few hermit crabs to take home to show the little girls…
They came home each night tired but laughing, and we enjoyed the bounty of their labor :)
Those crab pots have paid for themselves time and again (have you ever bought real crab for 12 people???), but even moreso, they have provided days and days worth of fun and togetherness for my guys (none of us girls got into it much – I think it was the smell of the bait! LOL!)

Sunday afternoon found us in Florence doing laundry, then we pulled out of the Honeyman OR state park on Monday. We made it as far as Crescent City, CA where we stayed in a Walmart last night; our first WallyDocking for the year. The kids always love it when we park in a Walmart – it almost always means donuts for breakfast… and this morning it did :)

We are loving being back on the road!

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  1. I’m a retired Science teacher and am in awe over the learning opportunities your children have. I hope their appreciation level is rising to meet the great gifts you make possible for them. Delightful childhoods should be the rule, not a surprising exception. Well done, Dana!

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