Celebrating Christmas in an RV!!!

This was our 3rd year celebrating Christmas in an rv, on the road. Our first was spent in the Lake Whitney COE park in Texas, last year we were in Phoenix but drove home for a quick week with Greg who had stayed back in MT to work, and this year we are in NV!

We pulled into the Thousand Trails park in Las Vegas last Monday, and spent the evening decorating a bit for Christmas. Eli and Beth put garland and bulbs on the slide trim in the livingroom…

while Caleb supervised… :)

Eli also set up the tree so the kids could decorate it…

The first year we bought a little artificial tree – the first fake tree we had ever had…

and when Christmas was over, we donated the tree and decorations to Goodwill.

Last year we bought another fake 3 foot tree, and being the frugal person that I am (or would like to think I am), we found a spot for it under our master bed (the whole underneath is storage :). A fake tree still seems a bit un-Christmassy, but it can be hard (and expensive) to find real, small, evergreens down south. Plus we are usually busy doing other things and don’t want to take the time to hunt for a tree.
Molly was old enough this year to really enjoy all the holiday festivities.
I worried that we would have a fight on our hands keeping her out of the little candy canes that they put on the tree, but once they were on, she didn’t bother them a bit…
We did have a problem keeping Caspian (! – the cat!) off the table and to keep him from licking the candy canes.
Once the tree was decorated, the little girls thought it should be Christmas right away.
Thank goodness Greg was due in in 2 days; he was flying in from basic training and would/will be spending 2 weeks with us!!! We’re so excited!!!
We spent the days before Christmas enjoying our time with Greg, drilling him about life at basic, and catching up on the last 5 weeks.
On Christmas Eve, for as long as I can remember (which isn’t necessarily very long…) we have given the kids 2 gifts – new jammies and a new book. The kids aren’t surprised by the gifts, they know what they will be, but they love the tradition. The past 2 years we have done pjs, but not books, but this year we resurrected the book tradition.
So the night before Christmas, after a dinner of Oregon-caught crab (Thanks Boys!!!), the kids opened up their Christmas jammies…
and put them on before watching our traditional Christmas Eve movie, which happens to be the Muppet’s Christmas Carol
and all sat down to enjoy watching it together, along with having a snack of Muddy Buddies thanks to Bethy…
and then the kids opened up their books, and read, in their beds, until how ever late they wanted to. The big S does not come to our house; we wrap all the gifts and put them under the tree, and do the kids’ stockings after they go to bed – doesn’t matter if their asleep or not, we’re too old to stay awake until they are all asleep, and they know that the stockings are off limits until we are up in the morning.
Christmas morning at our house (RV) means reading the story of Christ’s birth…
before opening stockings…
Eli bought a shirt when we were at Death Valley last weekend, and it was so ‘us’ that we picked one up to put in Greg’s stocking…
“Bring a compass… It’s awkward when you have to eat your friends” :)
Caleb wasn’t really into the gifts this year…
but Molly stepped in the gap for him and volunteered to open his gifts for him.
No, we don’t have a lot of room, but even though we now live in an rv, our Christmas’ are just as wonderful as they were before we became houseless. We missed having the whole family together for Christmas since Hannah chose to stay in MT now, but I guess that as the kids get older, this will probably be the norm.
It’s not the same as being all together, but I am still so blessed despite all this year’s challenges.
Molly got a new dolly, and poor Greg couldn’t get it out of the package quick enough – she was shaking with anticipation. Glad she loves her babies so much. Can’t imagine where she gets it 😉
Daddy’s big gift was a new blue-ray player. We have one, but haven’t been able to find the remote for it since we ‘moved’ back in. And Greg received all sorts of fun tactical stuff, but he won’t be taking any of it back to basic with him – says he’d like to still have it when he gets out… and that it will be just like Christmas again when he gets out and rediscovers it all over. :)
V received a bunch of ‘yummy’ (read gross) stocking stuffers like kipper snacks and oysters -and he shared some of them with the boys – they took them outside to eat them, and then gave in to my request that they brush their teeth the minute that they came back inside 😉
Now that we are in the rv, Christmas dinner isn’t quite what it used to be, but Bethy and I managed to make a few yummy dishes in our little kitchen, and we topped it all off with pecan pie (tho I did cheat and buy pre-made pie crusts 😉
I love Christmas in the RV – we have been forced to simplify, and now have more time to just enjoy each other, and to reflect on the true reason why we celebrate Christmas. Kinda sad that the day is over, but we are still enjoying the gift of Greg being home for a few weeks, and, as Emma said, it’s only 363 days until next Christmas!!!

Lilla Rose

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  1. Sounds like one of the best Christmas’ ever. Molly is so cute with her new dolly. That is a priceless picture. Enjoy your family time with Greg.

  2. Merry Christmas Dana and family. Curious how you did your turkey??

  3. i feel like ya’ll captured exactly what christmas should be about! very inspiring! merry (late) christmas!!

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