Thousand Trails Campground excitement…

this is not about campground excitement that we are experiencing (we don’t have our rv back yet, remember), but campground excitement that we are anticipating!

One of the challenges that we face on the road is finding campgrounds that will let us park due to the size of our family! We certainly did not anticipate this when we started out on our ‘On the Road’ adventures, but we soon came to grips with the fact that this would be an ongoing challenge for us – you see, most campgrounds have a maximum persons per site limit – usually 6 or 8, and we travel with 12 or 13 depending on which (or either) of the older kids is with us. I will not lie about how many people are in our ‘group’ when making reservations, and this has caused us to not be able to rent a site in multiple parks. More often that not we are turned away with remarks about how that is too many people for one site (or even saying that that is too many people for one rv), how we will overburden the campgrounds utilities (read septic system), and I have even been hung up on…
It didn’t take us long to decide to just stick with state parks (tho some states, like TX, make us rent 2 sites – what we are supposed to do with the second site I’ve not yet figured out…), and we also tend to boondock at WallyWorld if we are putting on the miles or can’t find another alternative. Course some times we just stay at WW because I’m burnt out on being rejected by campgrounds and refuse to call anymore… :(

We LOVE to stay at campgrounds – we love to meet other RVers, we love to use the pool or the basketball courts or the pool tables, we love the electrical hook-ups which mean we don’t have to put hours on our generator or shut it off for quiet hours, we love the security of being in a nice campground when we want to day-trip out…

And while we haven’t been able to stay at many campgrounds, we are hoping that his about to change!!! We found Thousand Trails! We will be hitting the road next weekend (not sure we can wrap things up by this weekend even tho the 5er will be done Fri.), and we are so excited – we THINK that we will be able to stay in some very nice campgrounds – ones with pools and hot tubs (one in PA even has a water park!), mini golf, onsite laundry, and Candy Bar Bingo!!! :) We have never played candy bar bingo, but it sounds right up our alley!!!

Thousand Trails is a campground membership with 80 campgrounds throughout the states (mostly in coastal states); each campground has between 80 and >800 sites, and while you don’t have to be a member to stay in the parks, membership does have it’s benes! Like, when I called around before buying the membership and asked if each particular park (I didn’t call all 80!) would allow our slightly over-the-10-person-per-site-limit family to camp in their park, I got several that said that if we were members they would let us camp there, but if we just pulled in without being members that they would have to turn us away or we would have to rent 2 sites… and I only got one ‘no’, but that was from someone that said that we would have to take it up with the manager (who wasn’t there for the season yet) – but she was still nice about it. The rest were super friendly and said that we were very welcome! That is so exciting to us!!!

I was going to wait to write about TT until we had actually had some experience with several of their parks, but if I wait, you might not find out about the incredible special they are having right now (which is what sucked us in! LOL!):
The most frugal way to ‘try’ TT is to buy into their annual zone passes. The US is split into 4 zones (NW, SW, SE, SW). An annual zone membership includes 30 days of free camping at any campgrounds in the zone that you buy into. And after the initial 30 days of camping, each additional day is only $3! And it is a one year commitment – you do not have to keep paying the renewal fees, keep the same zone(s), or be locked into a contract. There are some rules, like you can only reserve 60 days out, it is 2 weeks in then 1 week out (or if you stay 4 or less nights, you can go from campground to campground). (you can read all about it over at the Thousand Trails website, including checking out the zones map).

I just wanted to let everyone know about the deal in case you might be interested too!!! (if you do decide to get a zone pass, I would love for you to tell them that we sent you – If we get 2 referrals, we would receive a 3rd zone FREE!, which would be very handy through OR when we pick up the 5er next weekend! :)
If you have any questions on the passes, I would be happy to try to answer them! You can email me at: (gotta do something about changing that address now that Caleb has emerged 😉

We are so excited to hit the road next weekend…
Maybe we will get to meet more of you on the road now that we get to camp in real, actual, RV parks – we’ll be the ones living in the pool! :) ROFL!

Lilla Rose

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  1. WE have several friends who love their TT memberships. So glad to hear they will welcome your family. I know a lot of campgrounds are pretty fussy about number of people as well as number of pets. Excited for you to be able to get back out on the road.

  2. Yeah! I am so excited for you guys! Congrats on your sweet blessing arriving safely. :)
    We bought a TT membership about 6 weeks ago and LOVE it! It is so nice. We have stayed at Las Vegas, Valley Verde, and now Palm Springs so far. The amenities and grounds offer different things, but it has been such a blessing for us.

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