Molly's Birthday

Well, it’s official – we don’t have a baby anymore (at least for a couple of months) –
Molly turned 2 last week!!!

She has been being way too big lately – talking way too much, being incredibly independent, and holding her own against her big brothers.

Not to mention helping herself to her gifts before she was supposed to.

She came down from the upstairs, where Thomas had ‘hidden’ her stick horse in the closet, dragging it along saying, “ohhh, horsey!”. She was enraptured with it so of course we let her keep it, and she made it all her own by ‘branding’ it with an orange highlighter within minutes of taking possession. She loved the candles on her cupcake – in fact, Joel had to relight them for her since she couldn’t wait to blow them out until after we were done singing… and she is very into opening presents now that she is a big 2 year old! Joel had received a Mater toy (from Cars 2) for his birthday – one that talked when you pushed a button on him, and Molly about drove us crazy with playing it – she may have driven Joel crazy, at least he took to hiding it from her (and we certainly didn’t mind). So we got her a ‘girl’ car that she could push the button on to her heart’s content. Thankfully it wasn’t too long before she lost interest and was once again galloping around the picnic table on her trusty new steed. Hard to believe that we have been in the rv (or an rv – we had a travel trailer for awhile) for over 2 years!!! Molly was born while we were in our travel trailer waiting for Vaughn to finish up a few jobs so that we could hit the road, and we left for our first winter’s travels when she was one month old! You’d think that I’d be used to time flying by after all these years, but the kids getting older still sneaks up on me every time. We spent the day today at Vaughn’s parents home celebrating his dad’s 83rd birthday. Seems that we are all getting older :) We had a wonderful day together – and even Greg was able to make it over before he had to be to work this afternoon. Greg has his first weekend of Guard drill tomorrow and Sunday, and I am so anxious to hear how he liked it!!! Feels like lots of changes around here, but we have no regrets.

Loving this family, this life, and the Lord who gave them to us.

Lilla Rose

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  1. Hey Dana, I found your blog and absolutely love it! We are just a family of 6 and looking to do the same thing as your family. We are also getting a toy hauler for all the room too, similar to yours except with a second full bath…lol My husband and I are both disabled vets and homeschool the kids and just want to travel and see the things with have never seen and show the kids the real world. If you are still wanting to see Belize or Costa Rica, maybe we can hook up and travel together down there after next summer or so. I have a few questions after reading your blog. How do you guys afford to travel so much, I never saw anything about you working or anything in the blogs. I love the couponing idea and I think we are going to take a small freezer with us to store meat when we get a great price on it. I love seeing some of the out of the way places you have traveled to and i read you really make no plans, so do you just drive down the road and if you see something you deciede to stop and tour a bit? Can you tell me, even with your family being as large as it is, what were some of the main things you made sure you took with you for your kitchen stuff?

    thanks, i hope to keep up with you and maybe meet up sometime.


  2. Happy Birthday Mollie!!!! I started reading your blog when Mollie was about six months old – can’t believe I have known y’all that long. Good luck Greg this weekend.

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