Petroglyph National Monument, N.M….

Monday evening, we moved down the road just a bit to Albuquerque. The scenery was beautiful – we have grown to love looking at the desert as we drive (which is not to say that we necessarily love to walk around in it!). The landscape features are changing too…

We stayed last Monday night in Albuquerque, and a week ago today, we visited the…

The visitor’s center is in one location, and the large concentrations of petroglyphs in a couple of other places. We first stopped at the v.c. and picked up Jr. Ranger booklets (you are so surprised aren’t you??? :) This park was a bit unique in that it offers a Senior Ranger program (there are other parks that offer it too, but it is not real common); the Sr. Ranger program is geared for ages 14 and up. Hannah, Eli, and Beth did the Sr. program while Jacob down to Emma did the regular books.
After we worked on the booklets for awhile at the v.c., we drove down the road to the main petroglyph viewing area. There are 3 short walks that you can take up through the rocks…
To do all 3 only takes about an hour, but each is nearly straight up and down, and are a great calves workout!
The paths through the rocks look as if the park service came in and tossed some rough aggregate asphalt among the rock and called it good! LOL! It is an authentic walk through the rocks and boulders, with a few signs here and there to point out the most prominent petroglyphs…
After doing the 3 walks, the kids finished up their books, and it was back to the visitor’s center to have a ranger check out their work…
Super nice guy who told the kids all sorts of interesting facts about the petroglyphs! The big kids who did the Senior program got some cool patches, and they also got these great little metal hat pins! Beth said that she was going to auction hers off to the little boys! LOL!
The junior rangers got to pick between 2 separate patches (which was a hard choice!) and were also given a badge!
It was an interesting visit, and it was right on the edge of Albuquerque – gotta love that these days with gas prices! We wouldn’t be so lucky the next day with our next park, but the excitement of the day would make up for the half of a tank of fuel! :)

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