Celebrating Easter while traveling…

Since downloading pics takes so long where we are at, I decided to skip to today (with only a few pics), and will come back later to catch up on the National Parks that we visited this past week.

In our house, Saturday is special because it is’ sugar cereal day’ (when we have it – it is a pretty big treat!); the kids are allowed one big bowl of sugar cereal – you know, like Capn’ Crunch, or Trix, or Fruit Loops, tho, for the record, I refuse to buy chocolate cereal. I don’t take orders for what kinds the kids want, if they get some, it is because I got a screaming deal matching a sale and coupons! Lately, that means that we have Trix and Lucky Charms…

This morning little girls chose Lucky Charms. Dry Lucky Charms.
And here they are picking out the marshmallows…
(but since they are sharing, that makes it OK, right???)

I missed the share-fest, but I did make it downstairs just in time to see Daddy dump the rest of the bowl of dry, marshmallow-less Lucky Charms back in the box and shake it up to mix them in!

The least he could have done was to pour me a bowl before he diluted the marshmallow to cereal ratio!!! ROFL!

Hannah and I did laundry this afternoon, and stopped by Safeway for two of the very last boxes of Easter egg dye in the entire town! (not joking) Beth had hard boiled 8 dozen eggs while we were gone, so tonight was spent coloring eggs… We usually dye eggs on Easter itself – it gives the kids something to do in the afternoon, but the weather here is cold and windy, so the kids opted to color them tonight. By the time the kids had cracked a few, eaten a few, and Molly had peeled a lot (we finally had to ground her to our bed with a movie! LOL!), I only had to find room in our little tiny fridge for 6 dozen. Tomorrow we will celebrate the resurrection of our Saviour!

There will be no bunnies at our house, but there will be thankful hearts. Thankful that our Lord and Saviour loved each one of us enough that he would come to earth, live as man, endure ridicule, beatings, and death, spilling His blood to cover our sins. Tomorrow we will celebrate His resurrection – His victory over death and hell, and his ascension to heaven to live eternally at the right hand of the Father. Because of Jesus’ sacrifice and victory, we too can live eternally with the Father. There is no rote prayer, there is no good works, there is no sacrifice that we can make that will earn us a place in heaven. Tomorrow we will celebrate the fact that Jesus made a way for us to live eternally with God – and it is a gift. When you are offered a gift, there are no strings, there is no payment plan, there is no cost or work schedule. His gift of eternal life in Heaven need only be accepted through faith – faith that the Lord is God and that He does indeed have the power to save us from hell. If you have not accepted God’s free gift of salvation, please take a moment, as the world celebrates the resurrection of the Lord, and contemplate where your eternal home will be.

And while we will be giving the kids a little gift tomorrow to help remind them of the gift that God offers us (it is our choice to accept it or not), we may spend some time having egg hunts, eat way too many hard boiled eggs so that we can fit some other food in our little RV fridge too, and we might even take a nap or go for a drive to check out this cute little town we are in, our day will be full of thankfulness for Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. Thankful that even as God has created this beautiful country that we call home, and get to explore in our camper, He has also created an even greater, more beautiful home, that awaits us when our trip down here is over.

We pray that you all will have a blessed Easter that fills you with thankful hearts too.

Lilla Rose

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  1. What a beautiful family you have! The photo of your little girl feeding your younger girl is THE BEST! You are truly blessed with this precious family. I can see the love in these pictures.

  2. Beautifully said Dana. Thank you for sharing your testimony of our Savior and the true importance of this special and sacred day. May your Easter be a blessed and joyous Holiday.

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