Goodbye City of Rocks State Park, New Mexico…

After we left Leasburg Dam S.P., we decided to camp at City of Rocks State Park in New Mexico. We had visited on a day trip last year and spent a few hours climbing on the rocks, and decided that it would be a super fun place to have a few down days.

Vaughn found a wonderful camp site while the girls and I stopped at Deming for laundry and groceries. We found a super laundry mat that we didn’t know about last year – it had a fulltime attendant and was clean and neat, so I left Hannah and Eli there to work on the laundry (we have learned to NOT leave it in the machines – stuff disappears!). Beth, the little girls, and I went to WalMart and picked up a few groceries. By the time that we got back, Hannah had the laundry about done (it was only about 9 loads = 5 days worth) – perfect timing! (for me!) LOL!
Then it was out to City of Rocks. I paid for 2 nights on the way in, and then it was off to play in the rocks!

The kids would get lost in here if we let them – they love to explore!

There are lots of little lizards…

And we had a great time running and playing the rest of the day!

There are acres and acres of these tall rocks all stacked on each other, and etched by weather. There are formations that look just like military bunkers, round rooms of rocks, and smooth round caves.

City of Rocks is such a great place to camp.
or it could be – if you don’t have an extra vehicle, if you don’t have 10 kids with you, if you will sell the volunteer host one of your bikes (long story), if the ranger doesn’t have to get out of his truck to see your site receipt…
We left after one night.
If we have learned anything during our travels, it is to NOT stay where you are not wanted. No matter how well your kids are behaved (or not), they will never be good enough for someone that doesn’t want you in their park.
Goodbye City of Rocks, Hello WalMart! LOL!
Walmart never worries that we are going to trash their lot, or that we are trying to cheat them out of camping fees, nor do they care that we have 10 kids (I think they secretly like it – do you have any idea how many groceries we buy there???)… I love it when the scenery changes! We are seeing more trees…
and can’t wait to find out what National Forests in New Mexico are like! :)

Lilla Rose

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  1. Our family adored City of Rocks!

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