Clark County Shooting Range in Las Vegas, Nevada…

Sunday night finds us still at the Clark County Shooting Range in Nevada.
We are really enjoying our time here – the park is actually quite quiet, and the sites are impeccably clean – the roads are even swept off; yet, everyone here is so friendly and nice! (which is not always how it is when you camp with kids, no matter if your kids are well behaved or monsters).
Since most cars don’t come down the range farther than the spot in which they are shooting, the drive is mostly unused, and the kids have been enjoying riding their bikes near the camper on the pavement – especially the little girls who can’t ride well enough to go on the gravel. Molly thinks that if everyone else can do it, she sure can to… she thinks she’s pretty hot stuff when she gets a brother to push her around.

she is missing her biggest bro though! She can’t manipulate the other brothers quite as well as she can her Greg!

He can’t say ‘no’ to her – maybe it’s a good thing that he stayed home! She already thinks that she rules the roost :)

The guys shot their ARs today. Eli buys his own guns. He worked hard all summer, and this is his latest aquisition.. Like father, like daughter… though Hannah doesn’t really enjoy shooting much – she would rather shoot with the camera (the pics are complements of her as I stayed home today)

The guy at the next table had the new FN .45. It’s the only .45 that holds 16 rounds, and Eli has been wanting one (Eli wants a lot of guns.) – it had a sweet holographic site on it, and Vaughn was offered the chance to try it out. Couldn’t turn that down, now could he… Eli was pretty stoked that Dad got to shoot it!

They had a good time, but a couple of hours of shooting a day is enough for us.

After lunch, we took 215 all the way around town and down to Bass Pro Shops. Cool store, I guess, but it was super busy, and I’m a chronic sale shopper – there were no good sales (now if we were at TJMax, I might show a little more interest!) The kids really enjoyed all the mounts; Peanut especially liked the giraffe.

Had to stop on the way in for a pic of the kids – I thought I might replace the one on the blog since it doesn’t have Molly in it, but then, as the kids were lining up, I realized that (of course) Greg wouldn’t be in it…

In fact, when we got in the van to go to BPS, Hannah started to say, “Greg sure (has been shooting a long time)” thinking for half a second that Greg was just up at the range shooting (he would have been if he were here!)

there were some great aquariums at this BPS, and the kids always enjoy checking out the fish.
On the way out of town, we missed our turn, and drove a little too far into town thinking that we would meet up with 215 again. Had to turn around and backtrack – the billboards were a little too risque for me and the little eyegates that we are in charge of. Scary.
Tomorrow we will be moving on, though I am quite sure that this is only the first of many visits to the Clark County Shooting Range!

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