Yay for family friendly campgrounds on the east coast

When we left Myrtle Beach, we weren’t really sure where our next stop would be. We drove north…
through the rest of South Carolina and into North Carolina

and nearly all the way through North Carolina,

until we reached Medoc Mountain State Park (NC)…

We pulled in, and the kids said – this feels like home!!!
It didn’t look a lot like home, but it felt like we were camping again – really camping like we do at home! (well, at least as real of camping as you can do in an rv)
We were surrounded by trees, were serenaded by frogs, crickets, and owls, and could have a genuine campfire. And s’mores! We have not had s’mores in forever! AND, my kids got to see fireflies for the first time! How cool is that!
Needless to say, we enjoyed our visit!
Oh! – and pulling in to the park, I saw a sign that endeared me to NC forever. We have traveled 20k miles, through 15 or so states, and this is the first place that I have seen this posted – in writing. (and I am kicking myself for not getting a picture)
Maximum site occupancy is 6 people, OR ONE FAMILY.
Gee, I love North Carolina! When the ranger came by to collect our fee for the site, my hubby verified the info from the sign.
Yep, one family – no extra fees – welcome to North Carolina. :)
We loved Medoc Mountain, and toyed with staying longer, but we need to keep moving along.
It’s into Virginia, where we spent 2 nights at the

I had picked up the website address for this park on a homeschooling site, and when I called the # listed online, a sweet lady named Sherry answered and and said that they would love to have us, and that the kids would love it there.

They did.
The rv park is just a sideline – in fact, I don’t think that they advertise it at all. Their real ministry is the camp (like church camp). The retreat is a Mennonite based camp with dorms and cabins, and the rv park.
The kids checked out sports equipment, and spent nearly all their time there playing tennis…
Vaughn tried to teach them how to play it properly, but they didn’t care – they just split up into whatever teams they wanted (like 5 people against 2) and made up their own rules.?.
WCRC has a pool, but it wasn’t open for the season yet – the kids thought that they should open it since it was 93 degrees while we were there!
Peanut loved it because it had a playground next to the park…

This would be such a fun place to have a family reunion at, or just camp with other families! I couldn’t help but wish that we had our friends here – it was such a great place for the kids to ride bikes, or be busy with all sorts of sports. The staff was exceptionally nice, and the facilities were clean and well-kept.

This was a great place for us to basecamp out of for our visit to Colonial Williamsburg.

If we are ever back in this neck of the woods, you’ll find us at Williamsburg Christian Retreat Center!
Thanks Sherry!!! :)

Lilla Rose

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