Colonial Williamsburg & Historic Jamestowne

While we were staying at the Williamsburg Christian Retreat Center, we took Wednesday the 7th and went in to Colonial Williamsburg. Wow! Total tourist trap! We would have gladly bought tickets had they been reasonable, but it would have cost us nearly $300 to spend the day there (36 for adults, 18/kids)! At least spend the day there going into the houses. So, we just walked the streets. Believe it or not, several rangers told us that it would be very expensive for our family to go there, and they all said that they just walk the streets themselves! I am so glad that they told us that, because we would have found out the cost of the tickets and just driven on…

I love the Colonial period – I would love to come to the coast and spend time visiting places from this time period more in depth!
The town is beautiful…
The houses are so well kept, and they all have manicured gardens – even the private residences within the park.
The girls decided that we are going to have to spend the summer sewing period attire from all these different time frames, and find room to haul them along next winter!

The boys liked the fort, and would have liked to go inside. We told them that they were free to buy their own tickets and go into all the buildings that they wanted to. They didn’t want to go in that bad. LOL!
Joel and Daniel 😉
There are people scattered throughout the town in costume.

We actually didn’t stay very long because it was so hot out.

There were several beautiful old carriages giving rides around the colonial part of the town.
When we decided it was too hot to walk around anymore, we drove down to Jamestown.
The scenery is so beautiful around here – everything is green, the flowers are in full bloom (but nothing that makes me sneeze-Yay!), and the undergrowth is so lush.

We picked up Jr. Ranger booklets at the visitor’s center at Jamestown, but by the time the kids got them finished, they were closed. I still have to call them and see if the kids can mail their booklets back for their badges.

Jamestown was very interactive and interesting – if I had it to do again, I probably would go there first.

There is a wonderful new archeology building on the grounds that covers the different peoples that lived here over time, and even has real skeletons in the exhibits (cuz if your a guy, that is cool!)

There is a model of the original fort – part of which is now under water.

Jamestown was great, and we thought about going back the next day so that we could finish the exhibits and the kids could turn in their books, but we are trying to work our way to our ultimate destination – Gettysburg.

We want to stop by Appomattox Courthouse next, so we are on the road and heading inland…

Lilla Rose

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  1. I found you via the Happy Jannsen’s blog.

    Just had to give a little support for good old Colonial Williamsburg. I completely understand that the cost of the tickets would be prohibitive for a large family but CW is actually not a money-making venture, it is a struggling privately run living museum that does not benefit from tax support. It costs a ton of money to keep it going and most years they would be in the red without generous private donations. And Busch Gardens right down the road is pretty stiff competition for an historical living museum!

    I live in VA, my sister actually lives in Williamsburg so CW is always a happy place for us to visit. As you found, you can soak in the ambiance of CW without spending any money at all, so I’m glad you enjoyed your time there.

    Love to see a large family making it work on the road full time! Will be back to read more.

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